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Provision of JP Authority File

10 August 2018

The JP authority file provides a list of patent document publication numbers (Note1), digitalized since 1993, issued by the Japan Patent Office under the WIPO Standard ST.37 (Note2). The JP authority file enables private business providers and patent offices to assess the completeness of their collections of publications of Japan Patent Office.
The JP authority file is updated twice a year. The JP authority file until June 2018 is available below.
Next update will be issued around February 2019.



(Note1)As to category of publications and data coverage, see a list below.(Publication number is described according to the actual file format.)

  • 公開特許公報(JP,H05000001,A~)
  • 公表特許公報(JP,H08500001,A~)
  • 再公表特許(Since January 1996)(Note that this document is published only in the case that a PCT application is filed in Japanese, that domestic document is submitted, and that the PCT application is entered into the national phase in Japan.)
  • 特許公報(JP,2500001,B2~)
  • 特許公報(公告)(JP,H06000001,B2~JP,H08034772,B2)
  • 実用新案登録公報(JP,2500001,Y2~JP,2607899,Y2)
  • 実用新案公報(公告)(JP,H06000001,Y2~JP,H08011090,Y2)
  • 公開実用新案公報(JP,H05000001,U~JP,2006000001,U)
  • 公表実用新案公報(JP,H08500001,U~JP,H10500001,U)
  • 登録実用新案公報(JP,3000001,U~)

(Note2)As to WIPO standard ST.37, see the URL below.

As to the Authority files of other IP5 offices, see the URL below.

[Last updated 10 August 2018]


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General Coordination Division
Japan Patent Office

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