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TM5 ID List - Launch of dedicated search tool

TM5 ID List Search Tool is available from today.

As announced on the 19th January, the TM5 Partners launched the TM5 ID List Search Tool today. This tool allows users to quickly and efficiently search the shared ID database known as the TM5 ID List.

The list is composed of some 14,000 pre-approved descriptions of goods and services (IDs) associated with the trade marks for which protection is sought. Applicants can be assured that IDs in the list will be accepted at all TM5 partner offices (JPO, KIPO, OHIM, SAIC and USPTO), thus increasing the predictability and consistency of decisions and legal certainty among the participating offices.

All IDs are available in English and the list is currently searchable in English only. However, translations of some IDs are also available in other TM5 languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and 23 EU languages) and work is ongoing both to extend the translations to the complete list and to make ID List searchable in the other languages. The TM5 website is available here (External link) , and the TM5 ID List can be accessed directly here (External link).

[Last updated 26 January 2015]


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