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NETHERLANDS Patent Regulations



Patent Regulations

of 20 February 1995
ENTRY INTO FORCE: April 1, 1995

CHAPTER 1 Definition

Art. 1 Definition

CHAPTER 2 Implementation provisions in relation to applications to patent or patents

§ 1 The patent register

Art. 2 Institution of patent register/ Art. 3 Filing of applications / Art. 4 Registration of other documents/ Art. 5 Entries to the patent register

§ 2 The amounts payable pursuant to the 1995 Patent Act

Art. 6 Amounts payable/ Art. 7 The amounts due in the context of the Cooperation Treaty/ Art. 8 Other amounts payable

§ 3 General provisions regarding documents pertaining to an application to patent or a patent

Art. 9 General provisions

§ 4 Regulations for an application to patent, and the description, drawings and abstract to same

Art. 10 Requirements as to application contents/ Art. 11 Requirements as to the description/ Art. 12 Requirements as to drawings/ Art. 13 Requirements as to the abstract/ Art. 14 Standard forms

§ 5 Provisions for documents, other than those referred to in paragraph 4, pertaining to an application to patent or a patent

Art. 15 Provisions in relation to other documents/ Art. 16 Requirements as to petitions

§ 6 Provisions regarding patent applications and patents pertaining to micro-organisms

Art. 17 Provisions in relation to patent applications for micro-organisms/ Art. 18 Deposit of cultures of micro-organisms/ Art. 19 Statement upon the deposit of a micro-organism / Art. 20 Availability of the cultures of a micro-organism/ Art. 21 Making samples available/ Art. 22 Conflict with the Budapest Treaty

§ 7 European patents

Art. 23 Provisions pertaining to European patents

§ 8 Patent Certificate

Art. 24 Patent Certificate

§ 9 Services of the Office

Art. 25 Issue of patent specifications/ Art. 26 Information, extracts and copies

§ 10 The publication "Industrial Property"[De Industriele Eigendom]

Art. 27 Publication "Industrial Property"

CHAPTER 3 States within the meaning of Article 57 of the Act, second paragraph

Art. 28 States within the meaning of Article 57 of the Act, paragraph 2 (compulsory license due to non-usus)

CHAPTER 4 Applications filed with the Office for Industrial Property in the Netherlands Antilles

Art. 29 Applications filed in the Netherlands Antilles

CHAPTER 5 Implementation provisions pertaining to certificates and applications for certificates

Art. 30 Cost for filing application for a certificate/ Art. 31 Amount payable for the maintenance of certificate

CHAPTER 6 Final provision

Art. 32 Entry into force/ Art. 33 Name for purposes of citation

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