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for the Protection of Industrial Property
of March 20, 1883, as revised at Brussels on December 14, 1900, at Washington on June 2, 1911, at The Hague on November 6, 1925, at London on June 2, 1934, at Lisbon on October 31, 1958, and at Stockholm on July 14, 1967, and as amended on September 28, 1979

Article 1 Establishment of the Union; Scope of Industrial Property/ Article 2 National Treatment for Nationals of Countries of the Union/ Article 3 Same Treatment for Certain Categories of Persons as for Nationals of Countries of the Union/ Article 4 A. to I. Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Marks, Inventors' Certificates: Right of Priority.– G. Patents: Division of the Application/ Article 4bis Patents: Independence of Patents Obtained for the Same Invention in Different Countries/ Article 4ter Patents: Mention of the Inventor in the Patent/ Article 4quater Patents: Patentability in Case of Restrictions of Sale by Law/ Article 5 A. Patents: Importation of Articles; Failure to Work or Insufficient Working; Compulsory Licenses. – B. Industrial Designs: Failure to Work; Importation of Articles. – C. Marks: Failure to Use; Different Forms; Use by Co–proprietors. – D. Patents, Utility Models, Marks, Industrial Designs: Marking/ Article 5bis All Industrial Property Rights: Period of Grace for the Payment of Fees for the Maintenance of Rights; Patents: Restoration/ Article 5ter Patents: Patented Devices Forming Part of Vessels, Aircraft, or Land Vehicles/ Article 5quater Patents: Importation of Products Manufactured by a Process Patented in the Importing Country/ Article 5quinquies Industrial Designs/ Article 6 Marks: Conditions of Registration; Independence of Protection of Same Mark in Different Countries/ Article 6bis Marks: Well–Known Marks/ Article 6ter Marks: Prohibitions concerning State Emblems, Official Hallmarks, and Emblems of Intergovernmental Organizations/ Article 6quater Marks: Assignment of Marks/ Article 6quinquies Marks: Protection of Marks Registered in One Country of the Union in the Other Countries of the Union/ Article 6sexies Marks: Service Marks/ Article 6septies Marks: Registration in the Name of the Agent or Representative of the Proprietor Without the Latter's Authorization/ Article 7 Marks: Nature of the Goods to which the Mark is Applied/ Article 7bis Marks: Collective Marks/ Article 8 Trade Names/ Article 9 Marks, Trade Names: Seizure, on Importation, etc., of Goods Unlawfully Bearing a Mark or Trade Name/ Article 10 False Indications: Seizure, on Importation, etc., of Goods Bearing False Indications as to their Source or the Identity of the Producer/ Article 10bis Unfair Competition/ Article 10ter Marks, Trade Names, False Indications, Unfair Competition: Remedies, Right to Sue/ Article 11 Inventions, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Marks: Temporary Protection at Certain International Exhibitions/ Article 12 Special National Industrial Property Services/ Article 13 Assembly of the Union/ Article 14 Executive Committee/ Article 15 International Bureau/ Article 16 Finances/ Article 17 Amendment of Articles 13 to 17/ Article 18 Revision of Articles 1 to 12 and 18 to 30/ Article 19 Special Agreements/ Article 20 Ratification or Accession by Countries of the Union; Entry Into Force/ Article 21 Accession by Countries Outside the Union; Entry Into Force/ Article 22 Consequences of Ratification or Accession/ Article 23 Accession to Earlier Acts/ Article 24 Territories/ Article 25 Implementation of the Convention on the Domestic Level/ Article 26 Denunciation/ Article 27 Application of Earlier Acts/ Article 28 Disputes/ Article 29 Signature, Languages, Depository Functions/ Article 30 Transitional Provisions

[Last updated 1 April 2004]