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Publication of Major Judicial Precedents by Technical Field

March 2006
Appeals Department, Japan Patent Office (JPO)

The JPO has conventionally collected and publicized the major judicial precedents in the field of "business method-related inventions," and this dissemination of information has enhanced an organization's ability to forecast the results of examinations, appeals and trials. Since we have recently compiled the major judicial precedents regarding "biological inventions," we will publicize these precedents together.
We have collected those judicial precedents which we consider to be useful in forecasting the results of examinations, appeals, and trials concerning patent applications, requests for examination.
Please refer to these judicial precedents when you respond to a notification of reasons for refusal, request for examination or appeal.


  1. Major judicial precedents of business method-related inventions(PDF:80KB)
  2. Major judicial precedents of biological inventions(PDF:154KB)


[Last updated 28 April 2006]


Appeals Examination Policy Planning Office,
Japan Patent Office
E-mail: PA6B00@jpo.go.jp

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