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JPO Conducted JPO/IPR Training Course for Patent Experts

October 14, 2014

The “JPO/IPR Training Course for Patent Experts” conducted from Tuesday, September 16 to Friday, October 3 was a training program designed for individuals engaged in patent work at law firms and companies in emerging countries mainly in the Asian Pacific region.

The 27 trainees who attended the program heard lectures specialized on “patents”, mainly on examination standards dealing with novelty, innovative step and description requirements. In addition, they heard lectures and conducted practical exercises on how to create detailed descriptions, respond to notices of reasons for refusal, handle licensing agreements, and deal with patent-infringement lawsuits, which all are required learning for anyone engaged in patent work. The trainees, after attending the program that lasted for three weeks, raised their level of professional knowledge, deepened their relationships with their fellow trainees, and gained a better understanding about Japan as well. The JPO looks forward to the trainees’ playing even greater and active roles in patent work after they return to their countries as “IP friends” (alumni of the JPO/IPR training courses.

courtesy call on Deputy Commissioner of the JPO
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Trainees of the JPO/IPR Training Course for FY2014

To view a list of training programs at the JPO for FY2014, please refer to the following URL. http://www.training-jpo.go.jp/en/index.php/269( External link )

Cooperation in Human Resource Development

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