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JPO Conducted JPO/IPR Training Course for IP Protection Lawyers

October 31, 2014

The JPO recently conducted another of its JPO/IPR Training Courses. This latest one, for legal specialists coming mainly from the Asia/Pacific Region, was held from Monday, October 6th to Friday, October 24th. The course is designed for patent attorneys, lawyers specialized in intellectual property, judges, and prosecutors who serve in some capacity as legal enforcement personnel; and for individuals working at companies, who are involved in negotiations on rights infringements and licensing issues.

The 29 trainees, who all were keenly interested in learning about various legal subjects, were divided into two groups, with one group learning about patents and the other learning about trademarks, so as to gain more specialized knowledge in their respective areas of expertise on laws, examination guidelines, and infringement lawsuits. In addition, they all studied some subjects in common, such as licensing and the roles of the Intellectual Priority High Court (IP High Court).The trainees, by attending the training course that lasted for three weeks, enhanced their specialized expertise as legal experts, and deepened their mutual friendships. In the course, they also developed good relationships with Japanese persons involved in intellectual property. The JPO has high expectations that the trainees will play important and active roles in their countries.

courtesy call on Director-General of the Policy Planning and Coordination Department

scenery of lecture
commemorative picture at APIC

Trainees of the JPO/IPR Training Course for FY2014

To view a list of training programs at the JPO for FY2014, please refer to the following URL. http://www.training-jpo.go.jp/en/index.php/269( External link )

Cooperation in Human Resource Development

[Last updated 31 October 2014]