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Roundtable on Harmonization of Substantive Patent Law was Held

November 27, 2014

The Roundtable on Harmonization of Substantive Patent Law was held in Alexandria, United States on November 19. Deputy Commissioner Kihara participated in the Roundtable from the JPO and introduced the results of the Tegernsee Symposium held in Tokyo in July. Furthermore, the JPO made a proposal for the harmonization of grace periods*, to which some participants expressed views agreeing with the proposal.
Taking the opportunity of this Roundtable, the JPO had discussions with the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO*) and the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA*). Deputy Commissioner Kihara introduced the revision to the Patent Act, Design Act, Trademark Act, etc. in Japan, as well as discussed on patent harmonization, quality management and other issues.


Roundtable on Harmonization of Substantive Patent Law


Discussion with the IPO


Discussion with the AIPLA

Roundtable on Harmonization of Substantive Patent Law( External link )

*Grace period: This refers to a certain period of time before the dates on which applications are actually filed for patents. During the grace period, the novelty of inventions is not considered to be lost, even if information on these inventions has been disclosed before applicants file patent applications for them. One of the major discussion points about the grace period is the mode of disclosures in which the grace period can be applied, such as whether the grace period should be limited to international exhibitions. (In Japan, there is a regulation on “exceptions to the rules dealing with loss of novelty,” correspondingly.)

*Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO): An organization consisting of IP related persons in 100 large and medium-scale companies, 250 small scale companies, as well as in universities, independent inventors, lawyers, etc.

*American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA): An organization that has approximately 17,000 lawyers specializing in IP laws in the United States as its members.

[Last updated 27 November 2014]