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JPO Conducted JPO/IPR Patent Practical and Tailored Training Program

December 12, 2014

The JPO recently conducted another of its JPO/IPR Training Courses, this time conducting a training course called the Patent Practical and Tailored Training Program. This latest one was held for two and a half months starting from Tuesday, September 16th and ending Friday, November 28th. It was a mid-to-long-term course designed for six patent examiners who came from India and Brazil.

This course was conducted in three steps. In the first step, the six trainees learned basic knowledge about examinations, such as laws, regulations, and examination guidelines. In the second step, they conducted practical exercises, using the knowledge that they learned in the first step, actual searches and exchange of opinions with members from Japanese companies. In the third step, they conducted case studies on substantive examinations and received on-the-job (OJT) training from senior examiners at the JPO.

The trainees, by attending the training course, enhanced their capabilities in the area of substantive examinations and deepened their mutual friendships. In the course, they also developed good relationships with persons in Japan involved in intellectual property. The JPO has high expectations that the trainees will play important and active roles in their countries.

with Deputy Commissioner Kihara


Trainees of the JPO/IPR Training Course for FY2014

To view a list of training programs at the JPO for FY2014, please refer to the following URL. http://www.training-jpo.go.jp/en/index.php/269( External link )

Cooperation in Human Resource Development

[Last updated 12 December 2014]