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WIPO/JAPAN Fund Training Course
on Information Technology Conducted

January 20, 2016

In order to support developing countries with the development of human resources who engage in the industrial property rights system, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) has been inviting trainees from developing and emerging countries of the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, Africa, and other regions, to provide training programs for them in Japan.

Regional Training Course for Staff Members of IT Divisions at the IP Offices of Emerging Countries , conducted from January 16 to 20 this fiscal year, was held in corporation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) by utilizing the “WIPO Funds-in-Trust/JAPAN” that is supported by voluntary contributions that the Japanese government has been providing to the WIPO. This Training Course was designed for personnel who engage in IT-related duties at IP offices in emerging countries.

A total of 13 trainees attended this Course, and obtained knowledge necessary for systematization of information technology at the IP offices, by learning, for example, the outline of IT system or the flow of business practices utilizing the IT system at the JPO. In addition, they learned about basics of development and operation of the system, and IT project management. Furthermore, they visited the Industrial Property Cooperation Center (IPCC), deepening their knowledge about prior art searches, assigning classifications to patent applications, etc.

Through one-week Training Course, the trainees were able to not only improve their professional capabilities, but also given a chance to deepen their friendship among the trainees as well as people working in the field of intellectual property in Japan. The JPO has high expectations that the trainees will play important and active roles in their countries.

Demonstration using the terminal for examiners Trainees in class
Trainees in class

* The trust funds was created based on voluntary contributions by the Japanese government to the WIPO, and has been utilized for various cooperative activities to help developing and emerging countries with their technology development and human resource development.

[Last updated 20 January 2016]