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JPO Joined Five Trademark Offices (TM5) Mid-Term Meeting

May 23, 2017

On May 22, the Five Trademark Offices (TM5) Mid-Term Meeting (consisting of IP offices from Japan, the United States, Europe, China and Korea) was held in Barcelona, Spain.

At the Meeting, reports were presented from each lead Office concerning the state of progress of various cooperative projects and proposals were made regarding how to proceed with the projects in the future. Regarding the “Continuation/Expansion of Bad Faith Project*1” led by the Japan Patent Office (JPO), the JPO reported the completion of the “Case Examples of Bad-Faith Trademark Filings”. In addition, regarding the JPO-led “Image Search Project*2”, the JPO proposed to hold an Experts Meeting in autumn of 2017 and other Offices agreed with it. Also, discussions toward to launch of new projects, such as “Quality Management Project*3” which was proposed by the JPO were held.

Furthermore, a user session intended for representative of users from industry groups or patent attorney organizations was held at the Meeting. The JPO introduced the current status and future efforts of the “Image Search Project” and had an active exchange of opinions with the representative of users.

As a part of activities of the “User Association Involvement Project*4” co-led by the JPO and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the JPO held the “Joint Workshop” with the International Trademark Association (INTA)*5 at the INTA Annual Meeting on 21 May and presented the “Case Examples of Bad-Faith Trademark Filings.” Next, TM5 Offices will convene at the 6th TM5 Annual Meeting to be held in Spain at the end of November 2017.

  • *1 The “Continuation/Expansion of Bad Faith Project” aims to exchange information on laws/regulations and operational practices at each Office regarding bad faith trademark filings, as well as providing users with such information.
  • *2 The “Image Search Project” aims to define issues and possible solutions for the development and implementation of a figurative search system. Also, it aims at creating and sharing outcomes of the project among the Offices, so that each Office can and will be able to make effective use of them as reference now and in the future when individually introducing an image search system.
  • *3 The “Quality Management Project” aims to collect and share Information on the initiatives/practices implemented for improving the quality of systems on trademark examination practices and of trademark examinations, etc. in each TM5 Office.
  • *4 The “User Association Involvement Project” aims to establish a coherent and consistent involvement of user associations in the TM5 projects, and to hold workshops to communicate with general users.
  • *5 International Trademark Association (INTA): Association made up of more than 6,700 members from government bodies, educational institutions, and companies, etc. in 190 countries.


(photo-01) Mr. Miki, Director-General of the Trademark and Customer Relations Department (the left end) with representatives from other TM5 Offices
Mr. Miki, Director-General
of the Trademark and Customer Relations Department (the left end)
with representatives from other TM5 Offices

(photo-02) At the Joint Workshop
At the Joint Workshop

[Last updated 24 May 2017]