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JPO Participated in INTA Annual Meeting (INTA)

May 25, 2018

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) participated in the International Trademark Association (INTA)*1 Annual Meeting, held in Seattle, the United States, from May 19 to 23. At this meeting, about 11,000 IP-related persons from countries around the world got together.

At the meeting, the JPO held the “JPO Users Meeting” to provide the latest information on the Japanese trademark system and the JPO’s initiatives in terms of quality management for trademark examinations, with the cooperation of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association.

Following on from last year, the JPO also installed an exhibition booth and promoted the JPO’s measures through such means as displaying panels and showing videos introducing the Japanese industrial property right systems, the regional collective trademark system, and quality management for trademark examinations. More than 900 users visited the JPO’s booth throughout the entire period of the exhibition.

The Five Trademark Offices (TM5, consisting of trademark offices from Japan, China, Europe, Korea and the United States) held the “TM5 Users Meeting” and discussed the projects for which the TM5 Offices will enhance collaboration, including the “Quality Management Project*2” and the “Image Search Project*3”.

Also, the JPO co-organized a “TM5 Joint Workshop” with INTA, which was the second one following last year’s. At the workshop, the representatives from the TM5 Offices made presentations on the examination practice for non-traditional trademarks at their Offices, while comparing the requirements to prove acquired distinctiveness of trademarks, and engaged in a lively discussion with about 100 workshop attendees.

The JPO will continue to work in collaboration with INTA in carrying out initiatives of its own and of the TM5, in an effort to enhance proper protection and use of trademarks in the world.

(Photo01)JPO Users Meeting
JPO Users Meeting

(Photo02)JPO’s exhibition booth
JPO’s exhibition booth
(Photo03)TM5 Users Meeting
TM5 Users Meeting

(Photo04)TM5 Joint Workshop with INTA
TM5 Joint Workshop with INTA

*1: International Trademark Association (INTA): Association consisted of more than 7,200 members from government bodies, educational institutions, companies, etc. in 191 countries.

*2: The “Quality Management Project”: The project aimed at gathering and sharing information concerning initiatives for improving the trademark examination systems and the quality of examination at the TM5 Offices.

*3: The “Image Search Project”: The project aimed at defying the issues and possible solutions for the development and implementation of a figurative search system, and creating and sharing outcomes that will provide helpful reference for each Offices now and in the future when introducing an image search system.

[Last updated 25 May 2018]