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The 125th Anniversary of the IPR System ProjectsgMessages from Modern Inventors to the Next Generationh- Season 2 -

Season 1 Relay Messages

  1. EcoCute, a water heater using atmospheric heat - Mr. Hisayoshi Sakakibara (PDF:118KB)
  2. Bright Red Maple Leaves are the Roots of FriXion Ball - Mr. Norikazu Nakasuji (PDF:137KB)
  3. Plasmacluster - Mr. Kazuo Nishikawa (PDF:312KB)
  4. Self-Locking Nut - Mr. Katsuhiko Wakabayashi (PDF:424KB)
  5. Dragon Quest Monsters:Battle Road Victory - Mr. Ryutaro Ichimura (PDF:195KB)
  6. Finger Vein Authentication Technology: Enabling your Finger to Become the Ultimate KEY - Dr. Takafumi Miyatake (PDF:156KB)
  7. Fit’s’ –Chewing Gum Created through the Winning Combination of Product Strategy and Invention - Mr. Makoto Sato (PDF:96KB)
  8. Attaining the Ultimate in Seismic-isolation and Vibration-control Technology - Mr. Hideo Katsumata (PDF:148KB)
  9. Map Information Retrieval Services: MAPION - Mr. Koya Sato (PDF:160KB)
  10. Robot Suit HAL: The World-Leading Human-Assistive Robot Contributing to a Long –Lived and Healthy Society - Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai (PDF:65KB)

One new thing after another has been created for the improvement of our lives. We take for granted the inventions that we use on a daily basis such as personal computers, television sets, medicines, and cars. However, these inventions are the results of the efforts of many inventors, and it would be discouraging for inventors if their ideas could be easily stolen by others. In@fact, many inventors might stop trying to make anything new. The patent system was therefore established in order to protect ideas and inventions as intellectual properties. By protecting great inventions, the patent system has been promoting the economic growth of Japan.

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the industrial property rights system in Japan. 125 years is a long time, and during this period, more than four million inventions have been created to make our lives easier. These inventions are the result of the continuous efforts of many inventors and researchers as they pursue their ideas. These inventions are protected by patents. In the future, your inventions will also support Japan. I wonder, however, how many of you are certain about what an ginventionh or gresearchh is? You may find it rather difficult to answer that question.

During the period from April to September 2010, some of the leading inventors and researchers in Japan kindly conveyed their messages to you about the reasons they became inventors/researchers and the reasons they enjoy inventing new things. (Season 1 Relay Messages)

Season 2 Relay Messages started with the first relay message on October 25, 2010.

During the second season, many familiar technologies and products will appear on the JPO website. In this connection, the inventors/researchers will convey their messages about what inspired them to get involved in creating inventions and R&D and what gives them joy as an inventor/researcher.

They are all brilliant inventors but donft necessarily share the same motivation or views. Read their messages to you in order to discover the joy of invention and to learn how you too can become an inventor.

[Last updated 29 July 2011]

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