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Will the Japan Patent Office become to be wonderland!?
Kids Summer Visiting Day in 2017 will be held on 2 (Wed.) & 3 (Thur.) August!

Welcome to the JPO’s Kids Summer Visiting Day “Patech Wonderland”!!
No admission fee is required and preliminary application is not necessary!

The JPO of this year is wonderland! The name is “Patech Wonderland”!
A magic word to open the door of the Wonderland is…. “Re-na-ni-kai-me-tsu-ha.”
What is this word? The key of magic word should be in the JPO!

(* “Patech” is a combined made-up word of “Patent” and “technology.”)

There are lots of enjoyable programs in the Wonderland! Why don’t you join us for exciting and excellent time in this summer in the JPO?

Let’s have an experience of STEM educations by using “STEMON” developed by EZAKI GLICO CO.,Ltd. that is learning tool being Free Apps for programming by sweets “GLICODE.” Also, a Science Show titled “Zenchan’s great experiment” or Workshops by using packaging boxes for confectionery made of Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. etc.
Furthermore! “That guy” will be back again in order to take the heat out of Japanese summer! “That guy” is “GariGarikun”! Learn, play and enjoy in the JPO! Kids who do quizzes will receive “GariGarikun” which is suitable present for hot summer. Guess what taste it is!

All programs are not necessary to register on ahead! Please feel free to visit the JPO!

1. Date and Time

2 (Wed.) and 3(Thur.), August
10:00 -16:00 (Reception in both day will be up to 15:30).

2. Programs

【A door to learning】

1) Free Apps as programming materials “GLICODE” which enables to learn by sweets.
(Reception as needed, preliminary application is not necessary.)

* “GLICODE” is registered trademark of EZAKI GLICO CO.,LTD

STEM educational programs which are much talked-about will be provided here in the JPO. The first one is an experience of programming used with “GLICODE” as programming materials with learning by sweets that EZAKI GLICO CO., LTD. developed. A friendly witch teaches you how to use it. Although tablet computers will be ready here, it’s easy and smoothly for you to be downloaded Free APP to smartphone before you come to the JPO!

(* STEM education is an educational policy focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.)

* Acceptance at any time during 2 days.


(photo) GLICODE-01

(photo) GLICODE-02

2) “STEMON” with learning by blocks
(first 30 Kids, an application is not necessary on ahead.)

The second experience of STEM education is “STEMON.”
You learn a basis of physics and engineering by using blocks through structure of familiar machines. Furthermore, applied engineering are also able to learn by adding parts which are moved by electricity, such as motors.

The 1st time: 10:45-11:30 / The 2nd time: 13:30-14:15 / The 3rd time: 15:00-15:45

(photo) STEMON-01

(photo) STEMON-02

3) The Meiji Era 150th Anniversary project, Panel Exhibition “Are these all Japanese Inventions?”

Upcoming 2018 will be 150th anniversary year since Meiji Era started in 1868. Panel displays will be shown in order to take over a spirit of the inventions of patents that are aiming for passing strides after Meiji Era onto the next generation and for reaffirming a strength of Japan by learning Meiji spirit.

4) Trial and Appeal Court Tour (Reception as needed, preliminary application is not necessary.)

Commemorative photos wearing a clerical garment are able to taken in the Trial and Appeal Court in the 5th floor of the JPO’s main building. * Please bring your camera.

The 1st time: 11:30- / The 2nd time: 14:15-

(photo) Trial and Appeal Court Tour


【A door to inventions】

5) A Science Show with enjoying inventions and science, “Zen-chan’s big experiment! Big experiment of air cannon with huge smoke dancing in the air.” (Preliminary registration is not necessary.)

“Zen-chan” who is familiar to TV or event viewers presents you big experiment of air cannon! Zen-chan conducts some experiments such as “experiment of boomerang,” “experiment of centrifugal force” before firing air cannon. “Zen-chan” teaches you a structure of “lint remover for laundry” that a lady obtained utility model right. The real “Zen-chan”’s part begins here. “Experiment of dress-up air cannon” which Zen-chan has utility model right with bringing endless surprises. How ideal size of air cannon is? What shapes are they? How many holes do they have? Enjoy these experiences!

The 1st time: 10:15-10:45 / The 2nd time: 13:00-13:30 / The 3rd time: 14:30-15:00

(photo) Zen-chan-01

(photo) Zen-chan-02

6) Painting exhibitions focused on dreams for future science and creative inventions.

Prize-winning paintings implemented by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation will be displayed in the floor.

(photo) Prize-winning paintings and inventions-01

(photo) Prize-winning paintings and inventions-02


【A door to rights】

7) Craft class using by sweets and a simulation experience of trademark applications. (Reception as needed, preliminary application is not necessary.)

This is a craft class using an empty box of sweets made by Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. In addition, you give the name for your creation and can experience to file your goods as trademark in “the corner of simulation experience of trademark applications”. If you can register your trademark finally, “Kids certificate of trademark registration” will be presented for you!

* Acceptance at any time during 2 days.

(photo) Craft class

8) Genuine goods are cool!

Genuine toys will be compared with fake goods and you will be able to realize what genuine goods cool are.

(photo) Genuine goods

9) Let’s learn by playing relationship with toys and marks.

A relationship between toys and a name of goods which is registered as Trademark or marks are able to learn with touching.

(photo) toys and marks

10) Inventions, designs and brand quiz rally

Quizzes concerning Patents, Designs and Trademarks are put in each corner.
If you get all the answers right, yes! “Gari-Gari-kun” is presented for you!

(figure) Gari-Gari-kun

(photo) Gari-Gari-kun

3. Access

Please refer to: How to Access to the JPO and How to Enter the Building

Please enter from the main entrance (no other entrances allow to use.) and inform to security guards that you come in order to participate in the “JPO’s Kids Summer Visiting Day”. Then, you will be brought to the reception of “JPO’s Kids Summer Visiting Day” The JPO requests you to fill in a registration form at the reception. Have a nice time in the JPO after reception!

The JPO tries to save on electricity and set temperature of air conditioner is 28 degree. In order to preventing from heatstroke, the JPO recommends you to bring drinks. (Automatic vending machines, store and cafeterias are in the first basement.)

[Last updated 21 July 2017]


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