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JPO’s Measures in Response to the Change Made to the Address System in the Republic of Korea

Starting January 1, 2014, the system for writing addresses in the Republic of Korea (hereinafter Korea) was changed from “addresses using lot numbers” to “addresses using street names.” In light of this change, we at the JPO would like to inform you how to make changes to the information you registered with the JPO as it relates to your address in Korea, as follows.
Please note that if you do not follow these procedures, there is a possibility that you might receive a notification of reasons for refusal on the basis that the addresses you have written on previously filed documents and newly filed documents will be regarded as different. This is based on the fact that during the examination process, the JPO confirms that all documents submitted by applicants contain the same, identical information, as based on Art. 29bis of the Patent Act; Art. 3bis of the Design Act; Art. 4 (1) (xi) of the Trademark Act; and other acts in effect in Japan. etc.

1. For Domestic Applications (including PCT applications)

Since the JPO manages addresses or domiciles by using identification numbers, referred to as applicant registration information, please change your applicant registration information for domestic applications by completing and submitting a “Change of Address Notice”. Note that by submitting only one notice, the address that you provided for all applications and rights you have filed under the same identification number will be changed accordingly. You do not need to file the Change of Address Notice for each application/registration you have with the JPO.

2. For International Applications

(ⅰ) PCT (Receiving Office)

When Korean residents or companies are included in applications filed with the Receiving Office of Japan (RO/JP), please follow either of the two procedures outlined below:

  • Submit a Change of Address Notice for each application you have filed to the RO/JP
  • Follow the necessary procedures to change your address with the WIPO (International Bureau). You do not need to this for each application, since one form will be enough for the WIPO (International Bureau) to change the information on multiple applications at the same time.

(ⅱ) Madrid Protocol Applications (Office of Origin/Office of Designated Contracting Party)

Either the international registration holder or the representative recorded in the international register is required to submit to the WIPO (International Bureau) a “Request for the Recording of a Change in Name and/or Address of the Holder” (MM9).
When you need to change the basic application or basic registration, you need to submit to the JPO a “Change of Applicant Registration Information Notice” or a “Request for Changing Recorded Data”.

3. For Patent Rights and the Other Industrial Property Rights Registered in the Register of the JPO

If you change your address recorded in the Register of the JPO as a result of the new address system being implemented in Korea, you will be exempted from paying the registration tax for the change of your address, which usually needs to be paid whenever such changes are registered, since the implementation of the new address system in Korea is regarded as within the scope of application of the Article 5(4) of the Registration Tax Law (1967 Law No. 35). Please note, however, that this exemption is limited only to requests for registration of the change of your address because of the change to the address system in Korea, and only when you attach the following document to the request: “Official Confirmation Proving that Old and New Addresses are Identical”. This confirmation is issued by either the KIPO or the Ministry of Public Administration and Security of Korea.

4. For Appeals/Trials

To change the information you have registered for any appeals or trials you have on file at the JPO in regard to examiners’ reasons for refusal, please follow the procedures outlined above in “1. For Domestic Applications.”
Please submit a “Change of Address Notice̶ for each inter partes trial or opposition to trademark registrations you have filed with the JPO.

[Last updated 6 June 2014]

Contact Information when inquiring at the JPO:

For Registration of Applicants

Application Division



For International Applications

Office for International Applications under the PCT, Application Division


Office for International Trademark Applications under the Madrid Protocol, Application Division



For Registrations

Registration Office, Customer Relations Policy Division



For Appeals/Trials

Trial and Appeal Division, Trial and Appeal Department


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