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The Five IP Offices (IP5) (JPO /EPO /KIPO /SIPO /USPTO)

What is the “IP5 Offices”?

The IP5 Offices is a forum established in 2007 that consists of the five largest IP offices in the world; namely the JPO, the EPO, the KIPO, the SIPO and the USPTO. It was established in order to lead global approaches in the intellectual community. Since the IP5 Offices account for approximately 80% of all patent applications filed worldwide, IP5 global cooperation is highly expected to not only improve the quality and efficiency of examination work but also further develop an environment in which Japanese patent applications will be protected globally.

What is the IP5 Offices doing?

The IP5 Heads and Deputy Heads of Offices have been discussing approaches to improving both the quality and efficiency of search and examination activities. In addition, the IP5 Offices is seeking ways to respond to the issue of continuously rising backlogs. To promote work sharing, the IP5 Offices agreed to establish 10 Foundation Projects (noted below), further dividing them into three working groups. Currently, each office has been assigned to lead two foundation projects, each of which continues to make progress going forward.

The structure of IP5 Offices

The structure of IP5 Offices


[Last updated 13 June 2017]

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