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Use of the linkage system for dossier information exchange between IP5 OPD and WIPO-CASE as a pilot case

The Japan Patent Office (JPO), with the cooperation of the International Bureau of WIPO (WIPO IB), started using the system to share patent application / examination result information (dossier information) of each Office with the IP Australia (IPA), the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) respectively as a pilot case on April 1, 2014.

This is implemented through the linkage system connecting the JPO’s “One Portal Dossier (OPD)," a dossier information sharing system developed in cooperation with the other IP5 Offices (EPO, KIPO, SIPO and USPTO), and the "WIPO-CASE," a dossier information sharing system developed by the WIPO IB in response to the request from the IPA, the CIPO and the UKIPO.

Using the linkage system will make it possible for examiners of each Office to easily retrieve the dossier information of related applications, which have common priorities, held by each Office at one stop, and it is expected that work sharing among the IP Offices in the world will be accelerated further.

For IP Office staffs

The JPO hopes that work sharing will be promoted in multiple countries through sharing the dossier information of each country by using the linkage system in the future.

Should your Office wish to participate in the linkage system as a pilot case to share the dossier information with the other foreign IP Offices as both providing and accessing office, or to participate in the linkage system to view the dossier information of the other IP Offices only as an accessing office, please contact either the JPO or the WIPO IB after referring to the Guideline on Use of the Dossier Access System Linked with One Portal Dossier and WIPO-CASE as a Pilot Case (hereinafter referred to as “Guideline").

contact point
JPO contact point: Information Technology Planning Office,
General Affairs Division, JPO
E-mail: pa0i00@jpo.go.jp
WIPO IB contact point: See the following WIPO CASE Web site:

Reference information

  • (1)The following Offices will use the linkage system to provide foreign IP Offices with the dossier information after a specified timing (including tentative dates) indicated below.
    • CIPO : after April 2014 (tentative)
    • IPA : after April 2014
    • JPO : after April 2014
    • UKIPO : after April 2014 (tentative)
  • (2) A list of the Offices sharing the dossier information using the linkage system in accordance with the Guideline (as of April 2014).
  OPD participating Offices
WIPO-CASE participating Offices CIPO To be confirmed (TBC)
IPA April 2014

The above-mentioned dates indicate starting dates of sharing the dossier information, mutually agreed between the two Offices concerned.

[Last updated 17 April 2014]

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