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FY2012 IP Enforcement

Follow-up Seminar in Indonesia

Flag of Indonesia Flag of Japan
IP Enforcement
Date February 27, 2013
Venue Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta
Title "IP Enforcement"
Organized by Japan Patent Office (JPO),
Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (DGIPR), and
Indonesia Intellectual Property Alumni Association (IIPAA)
Program Click here
Contact Person Messrs. Nurhasanah, Erika and Mutia; Secretariat c/o Maurana and Partners Law Firm

For the details, please check this IIPAA page

The last seminar in Indonesia was held in FY2011. For the details, please see the report.

Please join us! You will be able to learn many things about IPR, as well as receive our publications and meet many familiar faces (IP Friends) at the venue. No admission fee is required. If you have any inquiries, kindly contact the above "contact person".

Follow-up Seminar Concludes in Indonesia

A follow-up seminar was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on February 27, 2013. The event was organized by the JPO, Directorate of General Intellectual Property Rights (DGIPR), Indonesia Intellectual Property Alumni Association (IIPAA) and APIC/JIPII. It also received support from the University of Krisnadwipayana Faculty of Law, Indonesian Bar Association and Japan Indonesian Lawyer Association (JILA).

Group photo

Group photo

This was the eighth time for the seminar to be held in Jakarta, and the eleventh time total in Indonesia.

Around 130 people joined the seminar, including participants from DGIPR, law offices and universities. Representatives from several Japanese companies in Jakarta were also in attendance, having been introduced through the JETRO Bangkok and Jakarta Japan Club.

This seminar was originally scheduled to be held at the beginning of February, but was postponed due to heavy flooding in Jakarta in January. We are afraid that the date change might cause some problems, but our worries were unfounded, as the seminar turned out to be a success.

During the opening ceremony, speeches were given by IIPAA representative Prof. Insan Budi Maulana, JPO International Affairs Division Assistant Director Ms. Eriko Oikawa, and DGIPR Cooperation and Promotion Department Director Mr. Timbul Sinaga. The theme of the seminar was “IP Enforcement”, and the program was divided into two sessions: "IP Policy in the Government Sector" and "Strategic IP Management".

For a detailed program schedule and information regarding the content of the lectures, please see the program link above.

scenery at the seminar

scenery at the seminar

On February 28th, the day after the seminar, an alumni meeting was held under the initiative of the JPO. Fourteen members and one observing IIPAA representative attended, holding a friendly and active discussion wherein opinions were exchanged regarding the results of the training courses in Japan, and ideas were shared for improving the courses in the future.

Many positive opinions were shared regarding the outcome of the trainings. For example, the examiner of DGIPR commented that the examination standards learned during the training course in Japan were implemented within the examinations for partial design.

Suggestions were also received with regard to future training courses, with some people commenting that they would like to participate in an advanced course for former trainees, and others requesting an e-learning system for specified fields.

Alumni meeting details:

Alumni Meeting
Date and time February 28 (Thu.) 10:00-12:50
Venue Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta
Participants 14 program alumni from Indonesia
Group photo

Group photo


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