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FY2014 IP Protection Within a Globalized Economy

IPR Seminar in Indonesia

Flag of Indonesia Flag of Japan
IP Protection Within a Globalized Economy
Date (Seminar) February 10, 2015
(Alumni Meeting) February 11, 2015
Venue Grand Sahid Jaya, Jakarta
Title "IP Protection Within a Globalized Economy"
Organized by Japan Patent Office (JPO)
Program Click here
Language Myanmar Language, Japanese
Contact Person Ratnasari (Ms.)
Indonesian Intellectual Property Alumni Association (IIPAA)
c/o Maulana And Partners Law Firm
Tel: 62-21-521-1931

Please join us! You will be able to learn many things about IPR, as well as receive our publications and meet many familiar faces (IP Friends) at the venue. No admission fee is required. If you have any inquiries, kindly contact the above "contact person".

Follow-up Seminar (Indonesia)

A follow-up seminar was held in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta on February 10, 2015. The seminar was part of a project undertaken by the Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation (JIPII) on consignment from the Japan Patent Office (JPO) to promote development of human resources who will work for the protection of intellectual property rights involving Japanese companies operating overseas. This marked the twelfth time that a seminar has been held in Indonesia under the project.

The seminar was held by the JIPII and the Indonesian IP Alumni Association (IIPAA) under the sponsorship of the JPO. The seminar began with opening remarks by Mr. Insan Budi Maulana, IIPAA Coordinator, and Ms. Sachiyo Yoshino, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Division in the Policy Planning and Coordination Department of the JPO. The seminar was attended by about 120 people, including government officials, university officials and businesspeople, as well as officials at law firms.

The seminar, titled "IP Protection within a Globalized Economy," was divided into two sessions. Session 1 was titled "Patent Protection" and Session 2 "Trademark Protection." The opening ceremony was followed by an introductory session in which Prof. Ahmad M. Ramli, Director General of the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (DGIPR), gave a keynote speech. Before Session 1 began, the JPO's Ms. Yoshino spoke on the topic titled "IP Policy for Sustainable Economic Development in Japan."

Indonesian officials who spoke as plenary sessions began were Ms. Ika Ahyani Kurniawati, Chief of the Section for Promotion in the Cooperation and Promotion Division of the DGIPR, and Prof. Agus Sardjono, Lecturer of IP in the Faculty of Law at the University of Indonesia. The two delivered speeches under the titles "IP Development in Indonesia" and "Position of Indonesia in IP among ASEAN Countries," respectively. From the Japanese side, Ms. Reiko Toyosaki, Patent Attorney at Toyosaki & Associates, unveiled an investigation report titled "Outline of Madrid Protocol and its Utilization in Japan." Mr. Shimpei Yamamoto, Managing Director for Research Affairs at the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), delivered a special report called "Report on Research of Economics and IP in ASEAN Member States." In addition, Mr. Takao Ogiya, Director General of the Asia-Pacific Industrial Property Center of the JIPII, spoke on the topic titled "Japan's Experience of Strategic IPR Acquisition Utilizing PCT and PPH Systems." After these speeches, a question-and-answer and information exchange session was held, with many questions and comments from the audience. At the seminar, participants confirmed the importance for Japan and Indonesia to work together to improve the environment surrounding the protection of intellectual property rights, and also agreed on the need to share information and opinions, and reflect them in future activities for further cooperation between the two countries in the field.

scenery at the seminar

scenery at the seminar

Group photo

Group photo


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