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FY2013 Patent Practical and Tailored Training Program (PPTT) (2nd step)

Date Time Subject
All day Practice Exercises (Novelty)
All day Corporate IPR Management (Company Visit)
Oct. 21
All day Practice Exercises (Inventive Step I Electric)
Oct. 22
All day Practice Exercises (Inventive Step II Machinery)
Oct. 23
AM Patent Information Management of Companies (Patent Map)
PM International Trends in Intellectual Property Rights (including relationships between developed and developing countries)
Oct. 24
AM 10:00~11:40
IP Infringement Cases in Japan
PM 13:30~16:00 The Role of Intellectual Property High Court (Visit)
Oct. 25
All day Practice Exercises (Inventive Step III Chemistry)
Oct. 28
All day Utilization of Commercial Databases
(Practice Exercises) (Visit)
Oct. 29
AM Utilization of IPDL (PAJ Searches)
PM The Role of the Japan Patent Information Organization (Visit)
Oct. 30
All day Practice Exercises (Identity)
Oct. 31
All day Practice Exercise (Requirements for Descriptions and Claims)
Nov. 1
All day
Nov. 4 (Mon.) National Holiday
Nov. 5
AM 10:00-11:30 Overview of Paperless System
Examiner's Search Tactics I
(FI (including ECLA & USPC) and F-term
PM Examiner's Search Tactics II
(Search Tactics on FI and F-term)
Nov. 6
All day Company Visit
Nov. 7
All day Practice Exercises (Amendments)
AM Theory of F-term Search I
PM Theory of F-term Search II
(Exercise on writing Search Formula)
AM International Cooperation for Search Results (PPH and AIPN) including use of AIPN
PM Visit to IPCC
Nov. 12
All day Overall Practice Exercises
Nov. 13
All day
Nov. 14
All day
Nov. 15
All day Overall Discussion


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