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Report on the “JPO/IPR Training Course for Advanced IP Protection Practitioners”

The JPO/IPR Training Course for Advanced IP Protection Practitioners was held for three weeks from July 9 to July 27.

This course is held every year with the objective of deepening the participants' understanding of IPR-related business and enhancing their professional ability through lectures and discussions on management of IPR in enterprises, IPR law, patent/trademark application practices, etc. This year's course was held with the aim of enhancing knowledge on trademark-related subjects.

Fourteen people from six countries—Brazil, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam— participated in this year's course. Target participants were people in Asia-Pacific countries and Brazil who are (1) involved in prior art investigations, patent application practices, patent infringement handling, legal affair liaisons related to licensing, etc. at corporations and/or law offices, and (2) involved in the provision of lectures and practical training on intellectual property at universities, etc. The course dealt mainly with patent/trademark practices. In addition to the lectures, exercises using computers to search the IPDL and other databases were offered to trainees. Trainees eagerly listened to the lectures, striving to find solutions to their business issues, while at the same time learning new things.

Trainees were so enthusiastic that they raised question after question, causing the lectures to extend past their originally scheduled times.

On July 20, trainees visited Denso Corporation. They visited the showroom and listened to a lecture on IP strategy and IP management. The trainees evaluated the visit as highly useful, and said they were pleased to learn more about Denso's IP management methods.

In the overall discussion held on the morning of the last day, the trainees were split into three groups, and each group held a discussion and made a presentation on one of the following themes: "Dissemination of IP System", "IP Management" and "Human Resources Development in IP". Mr. Takao Ogiya, Director General of the Asia-Pacific Industrial Property Center, then explained the outline of IP strategy planning.

In the evaluation meeting, the trainees said that the objectives set at the beginning of the training program had been achieved, and that they hoped to utilize the knowledge and experience acquired through the training after returning back to their workplaces. We are looking forward to their future contributions.

Courtesy Call on July 11

Courtesy Call on July 11

Presentation on July 27

Presentation on July 27

Closing Ceremony on July 27

Closing Ceremony on July 27


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