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FY2012 Training Course on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights under the WIPO Funds-in-Trust /JAPAN

Date Time Subject
Nov. 5
AM Orientation
Anti-Counterfeiting Measures of the JPO
PM Country Report Presentations
AM Country Report Presentations
PM Counterfeiting and Piracy: A Global Problem
IP and Applicable Enforcement Related Legislation
The Justification for Criminal Sanctions and the Elements of the Crimes (Counterfeiting and Piracy)
Nov. 7
AM Sentencing and Proportionality
Case Law Developments: Trademarks
Case Law Developments: Copyright
Surveys on Attitudes towards IP Crimes
PM Case Law Developments: Liability of Intermediaries, Including Cyber Crimes
Dealing with IP Infringements - The Various Remedies
Alternative Funding Proposal for Enforcement Operations
Nov. 8
AM Strategic Goal VI of WIPO
Alternate Models to Address Counterfeiting and Piracy
Disposal and Destruction of Infringing Goods
PM Gathering of Evidence in Judicial Proceedings
Border Measures
IP Enforcement in Part III of TRIPs: A Practical Training Scenario
Nov. 9
AM The Roles of the Respective Enforcement Agencies
Assessment and Risk Analysis at the Border: A Practical Training Scenario
PM Public / Private Partnerships: Right Holder Cooperation
Panel Discussion on National Enforcement Strategies and Regional Cooperation
Nov. 12
AM Effective Border Measures: the Role of the Right Holders
PM Visit to the JPO (including Courtesy Call)
Nov. 13
AM Intellectual Property Infringement
Cases in Japan Including Post-Seizure Processes
PM Effective Border Measures: Japan’s Experience
Nov. 14
AM Search and Trial Procedure of Japanese IPR Infringement Cases
PM Intellectual Property Infringement Cases from the International Arena
Nov. 15
All day Observation Tour of Tokyo Customs
- Effective IP Enforcement: Japanese Experience in Procedures and Techniques -
Nov. 16
AM Trademark Infringement Cases (Civil Cases)
PM Course Evaluation
Closing Ceremony


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