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Report on the “JICA Training Program for IPR Enforcement (Vietnam Officials)”

JICA Training-Program for IPR Enforcement (Viet Nam) was held at APIC for a period of one week from February 25 to March 1, 2013.

This training program is intended for officials belonging to agencies involved in the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Viet Nam, particularly officials responsible for providing training within their agency to learn about practices in the enforcement of intellectual property rights and collaboration and coordination between the agencies involved.

A total of 15 trainees participated in this program from the following agencies: National Office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam, Ministry of Science and Technology; General Department of Customs, Ministry of Finance; Market Surveillance Agency, Ministry of Industry and Trade; Inspectorate of Ministry of Science and Technology; and Economic Police Office, Ministry of Public Security.

The curriculum of this training program was designed to meet Vietnamese needs stated in advance to a maximum extent in the relatively short 5-day program duration. All sessions included therein were held with Japanese-Vietnamese interpretation.

On the opening day of the program, lectures took place on the current state of international collaboration in taking countermeasures against infringement and its implications for right holders, as well as an overview of countermeasures taken against infringement in Japan, followed by exercises in the determination of infringement with respect to patent, trademark and design rights, and copyrights on the second and third days. In every session, the trainees actively took part in the lectures by asking one question after another and debating the various issues with fellow trainees.

Training session (determination of an infringement of patent right)

Training session (determination of an infringement of patent right)

On the fourth day the trainees visited Tokyo Customs for an information tour and lecture. This visit provided them with an opportunity to meet front-line customs officers engaged in Japan’s coastal operations, and many trainees made positive use of this by deepening their knowledge of such officers even during their break. On the fifth and final day, the lectures were on the cooperation and collaboration between enforcement agencies and other issues.

All instructors praised the trainees' enthusiasm to learn. Some instructors voiced concern that the participants had begun to feel a little fatigued.

In the afternoon of the final day, an evaluation session took place wherein the trainees expressed great appreciation for the curriculum. In this session the trainees referred to some points that could be improved which included: (i) Each day's work had too much "meat" both in terms of content and volume, and therefore, a slight extension of the program period would have been preferable; and (ii) given that some trainees were engaged in human resource development at their agencies, the inclusion of sessions dealing with methods of formulating a program schedule and preparing teaching materials as well as various teaching approaches would have been preferable.

Some Japanese officials offered comments which included: (i) Now that operations involved in the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Viet Nam have become increasingly segmentalized, collaboration between agencies involved will play an increasingly important role; and (ii) given that this program offered a rare opportunity to have agencies involved with the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Viet Nam meet together in one place, the trainees are encouraged to take this opportunity to build up a network of personal connections.

With the awarding of certificates which followed the evaluation session, the program schedule came to a close. The trainees are encouraged to make the best use of the lessons learned from this training program for further improvement of personnel training at their respective agencies.

Group photo after the closing ceremony

Group photo after the closing ceremony


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