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FY2013 JICA Counterpart Training Course for Indonesian

Date Time Subject
Sep. 9
AM Welcome Address・JICA Orientation
PM Visit to the Japan Patent Office・Courtesy Call on Executive Official of the JPO
    Patent Group
(Administrative Affairs Division)
Design Group
(Design Division)
Trademark Group
(Trademark Division)
Sep. 10
AM ◇ Conditions for acceptance of patent examiners
◇ Personnel evaluations of patent examiners
◇ Practical training for patent examiners
◇ Conditions for acceptance of design examiners
◇ Practice use of personnel evaluations of design examiners
◇ Practical training for design examiners
◇ Organization of Trademark Section or Trademark Examination Division
◇ Conditions for acceptance, training and placement of individual trademark examiners
◇ Practical use of personnel evaluations of trademark examiners
◇ Practical training for trademark examiners
Sep. 11
AM Training, appointment and official examiner assignment (Patent, Design, Trademark) after acceptance
PM Visit to the Japan Patent Information Organization (JAPIO) and Industrial Property Cooperation Center (IPCC)
Sep. 12
AM Visit to examination offices (patents, designs, trademarks) (introduction of the practical examination environment)
PM ① Outline of appeal system
② Outline of appeal system(focused on Trademark)
③ Appeal section's Human resource development
AM Overall Discussion
PM Evaluation Meeting
Closing Ceremony


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