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Report on the “JPO/IPR OJT Course on Patent Examination Practice for Singapore”

The JPO-IPR OJT Course on Patent Examination Practices for Singapore was held from December 4 to 11, 2013. This training course, launched this year, was designed to provide patent examiners of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) with the opportunity to improve their expertise and skills in patent examination (substantive examination) through OJT programs, focusing on prior art searches using a database and on the process of making determinations in substantive patent examinations. Four IPOS examiners participated in this year's course.

The programs were conducted mainly at the Japan Patent Office (JPO) building, and consisted of case studies for the first three days and OJT programs on the following three days. During the programs, trainees had the opportunity to have face-to-face consultations and discussions with JPO examiners assigned to them, enabling them to obtain greater knowledge of patent examination practices.

Evaluation Meeting

Evaluation Meeting

At the evaluation meeting held on the last day of the course, some trainees commented that the OJT programs were very helpful for them, while others requested that more time be allotted to the OJT programs and expressed a desire to learn about quality management and examination guidelines.

From the time that the trainees began preparing to come to Japan until the completion of the programs, all showed a keen level of engagement in the training course. After the end of the course, a trainee mentioned that they wished the training had started earlier in the morning so that more hours would have been available. This comment indicates how meaningful this training course was. We hope for the further success of the trainees in the future.

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony


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