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Report on the “Patent Examiners in the Field of Optical Apparatus under the WIPO Funds-in-Trust / Japan”

The WIPO/JF Training "Specified Technology (2) Optical Equipment Course" was offered from February 20 to 27, 2014.

This course was prepared for staff members of IP Offices who work as patent examiners in charge of the field of optical equipment, which is one of the specified technical fields designated by the JPO. The purpose of this course is to provide patent examiners of developing countries who have some experience in patent examination with an opportunity to receive an explanation about the technical trends, patent requirements, etc. in Japan related to this technical field and to enhance their expertise in the latest technologies necessary for conducting substantive examination. A total of 13 people from Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and the African Regional Industrial Property Organization (ARIPO) participated in this training course.

On the first day, the trainee received orientation and visited the JPO. In the JPO, the trainees were given the chance to see the counter for applicants, the publication inspection room and the trial court. Also, the trainees visited the examination room and received explanations directly from patent examiners in charge of this field and also received instructions on how to use the examiner's terminal. In this way, the first day of this training course was full of activities.

At the JPO

At the JPO

On Monday, February 24, the trainees visited Topcon Corporation. First, the trainees were given a lecture on Topcon's major products and IP strategy and then were invited to take a factory tour. They were given an opportunity to hear an explanation about Topcon's technologies, while seeing the facilities for lens polishing, measuring equipment manufacturing and quality testing. The trainees enthusiastically listened to the explanation about the company's latest technologies and IP strategy for optical equipment. Some trainees commented that "I was able to clearly understand the functions of patents in society." and "It was very beneficial for me to have a hands-on opportunity to study the latest technologies in Japan."

On the fourth day, in the PC room of the APIC office, the trainees received patent search training from Mr. Toshiaki Aoki of Madoka International Patent Office. Each trainee used a PC and experienced the FI/F-term search method. The trainees commented that this experience was very useful and that they planned to share the newly obtained knowledge with their colleagues.

In the afternoon of the final day of this training course, an evaluation meeting and a closing ceremony were held. Mr. Kunihisa Ito, Director, International Cooperation Division of the JPO, handed a certificate to each trainee.

The trainees receiving a certificate.

The trainees receiving a certificate.

During this training course, we were impressed with their enthusiasm. Despite the cold weather, they visited various places in Japan after the lectures and on weekends. The trainees seem to have greatly benefited from this training course. We hope that they find their experiences in Japan useful for their future career.

Closing ceremony

Closing ceremony


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