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Report on the “JICA Counterpart Training Course (Indonesia) "Utilization and Management of IPR in Universities"”

For five days, from Monday, June 16, to Friday, June 20, 2014, we implemented the “Utilization and Management of IPR in Universities” of JICA Counterpart Training Program for Indonesia.

We invited 11 trainees from three Indonesian universities (Bogor Agricultural University, Gadjah Mada University, and Padjadjaran University), the Ministry of Research and Technology, the Ministry of National Education and Culture, the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights, and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. These universities and public offices are expected to play a central role as Indonesia fully promotes industry-university cooperation in the future. In this training program we established and implemented a curriculum to learn the current status of industry-university cooperation at universities and research institutions in Japan.

First, as pre-training, trainees made a presentation on the approach to industry-university cooperation currently being taken by their organizations.

Prior to this training, we had already implemented seminars and workshops on this theme twice in Indonesia as part of JICA’s Country-focused Training Program for Indonesia, and the trainees participated in them. Therefore, we were able to learn about their organizations’ future visions of industry-university cooperation activities from their presentations.

In this training we felt their enthusiasm for learning how industry-university cooperation is actually implemented in Japan and the kinds of effects the implementation of such cooperation has on the country as a whole.

Lecturers from Keio University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Tokyo Medical and Dental University explained the actual status of intellectual property management and utilization at their own universities. The trainees listened to them with interest and asked many questions about such topics as the differences between private and national universities in implementing industry-university cooperation.

As a study tour, the trainees visited the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), one of Japan’s leading research institutions, and received an explanation of AIST’s management and utilization of intellectual properties and industry-government cooperation as a research institute. This explanation seemed to serve as a useful reference concerning the kind of cooperation that should be promoted by Indonesia as a whole in the future.

In the final and summarizing discussion, individual participating organizations exchanged opinions from mutual perspectives concerning what they felt about this training and how they wanted to promote industry-university cooperation. Thus, we think that they were able to draw a detailed vision on future industry-university cooperation. Through this discussion, we were able to confirm that this invitation of trainees from Indonesia was very productive.

We are now looking forward to the trainees’ future visions becoming reality.

We hope that the management and utilization of intellectual properties by universities in Indonesia will develop further in the future.

scenery at the training

scenery at the training

Group photo

Group photo

scenery at the training

scenery at the training

Group photo

Group photo


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