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Report on the “JPO/IPR Training Course on IP Administration for LDCs”

The "LDC IO Office Administration Course," an IPR training program, was hosted by the JPO from July 22 to July 29, 2014 at APIC in Tokyo.

This training course was provided to governmental employees in LDCs (least developed countries) who work in the intellectual property office or equivalent governmental organization in their countries. The purpose of this training course was to enhance the participants' professional abilities necessary for developing an intellectual property system and administration of an IP office in their respective countries. Topics covered in the course included: participant's presentation of their country reports; relationship between economic growth in Japan and intellectual properties; overview of intellectual property systems; IP strategies and small business's IP management; and discussions of international IP issues. Twenty-three governmental employees from 14 countries participated in this training course.

Countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Laos, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Myanmar, Nepal, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia

Group photo

Group photo

Utilizing intellectual properties in corporate management will promote the growth of corporations and eventually economic growth of the country. To facility their growth, a proper system must be established and operated in each country.

In this context, each participant was very eager to learn from the first day of the course, with a solid motive to contribute to the growth of their country. In the lectures, participants asked many questions and there were active interactions between the participants and lecturers. Some lecturers said that the course was useful for them because lecturers also could get information on IR matters in individual countries from participants. The enthusiasm continued to the last day of the course. As the lecturers and participants exchanged contact information, it is expected a network will be developed among them.

One of the characteristics of this course was interaction. Opinions were exchanged actively not only between lecturers and participants but also among participants. Moreover, participants were provided with opportunities for active involvement in the learning, including presentation of country reports by participants, workshops and discussions.

Another characteristic was the diversity of nationalities. By inviting participants from African countries, in addition to the usual countries from Asia, the course promoted an exchange of opinions from various national backgrounds. Participants widened their understanding of the current IP administration in other countries through the course sessions and also through private discussions in their lodgings over the weekend.

scenery at the training

scenery at the training

scenery at the training

scenery at the training

Looking into the feedback from participants regarding the general course contents, there was a strong interest among them in the Japanese IP system. A majority of participants requested that more hours be used for lectures on the Japanese IP system.

According to the responses to a questionnaire after the training course, all participants generally felt they could achieve their training goals, and expect to utilize the learned knowledge and experience in their jobs.

They also seemed to cultivate international friendships through this training course. We hope the participants contribute to the development of IP systems in their respective countries in the future.

Group photo

Group photo


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