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Report on the “JICA Counterpart Training Course (Vietnam) "Master Trainer"”

The JICA 9-day "Master Trainer" Counterpart Training Course (Vietnam) was held from September 4 (Thursday) to 12 (Friday), 2014.

Fifteen trainees were invited from the following five Vietnamese agencies that are presently taking the lead in promoting the country's intellectual property enforcement: the National Office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam; the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Science and Technology; the General Department of Customs, Ministry of Finance; the Market Surveillance Agency, Ministry of Industry and Trade; and the Police for Economic Crime Investigation Department, Ministry of Public Security.

The training course was designed for master trainers who will provide training to others who plan to engage in the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the future. The course featured lectures on measures taken against counterfeit products in Japan, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and other relevant general information.

Thanks to simultaneous interpretation between the Japanese and Vietnamese languages, questions were frequently asked during the lectures. Participants from different agencies also shared their opinions, while respecting each other's positions. Through the presentation of case studies in Japan, the participants were able to make comparisons with cases in their own country—thereby helping to deepen their understanding of enforcement.

scenery at the training

scenery at the training

Participants reported that they were highly satisfied with the curriculum program, and requested that the times of the lectures be lengthened. They also said that they found all of the lectures to be useful—particularly the one titled “Increase of Ability for Leadership/Coaching”. Whereas most lectures involved participants sharing their opinions from the standpoint of their particular office or agency, this lecture was especially helpful insofar as it dealt with topics that were relevant to all of the participants, and also focused upon approaches for providing trainings.

A study tour was additionally taken to Sapporo’s brewery in Chiba to learn about measures taken by a retailer against counterfeit products. Because foods affect the human body, particular efforts are made to combat counterfeit food products in Vietnam. In this context, participants showed their interest in quality management and measures against counterfeit products conducted by Sapporo Beer, which is a well-known brand in Vietnam.

A study tour was also taken to Yokohama Customs and its Kawasaki Overseas Mail Sub-branch, in order to learn about border enforcement issues. On this tour, participants actively shared their own opinions and asked many questions, including what kind of border enforcement efforts were being taken, and which laws applied to such issues. Many participants said this opportunity was helpful for comparing the systems in their country and Japan, and considering what kind of nationwide cooperative efforts should be made in Vietnam. They added that they wished to spend more time on the tour.

Through this training course, participants were able to share the views of the agency to which they belonged, as well as their own opinions on the efforts that each agency needed to make. This experience also helped them to develop a detailed vision for the missions to be pursued by their respective enforcement agencies. I believe this training was very fruitful for all the participants who were invited from Vietnam. I hope that participants in this course will be successful in training those to be engaged in regulatory enforcement, and I have high expectations for enforcement-related developments in Vietnam in the future.

scenery at the training

scenery at the training

Group photo

Group photo


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