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FY2014 (WIPO) Training Course on the Use of Information Technology in Industrial Property Administration

Date Time Subject
AM Welcome Address by the JPO and APIC-JIPII
10:20-11:20 Current Conditions and Future Direction of Industrial Property Rights Administration
11:40-11:55 Visit to the JPO
PM An Overview of WIPO Business Modernization Services, Business Development and Global Project Status
AM Standards and Best Practices on the Digitization of IP Registries; Overview of WIPO Scan System as a Tool for IP Document
PM Business Cases for E-Filing and Publication of IP application :WIPO File and Publication Server
All day Country Report
PM Electronic Document Management Systems; Functionality, Selection
Criteria, Integration with Other Systems.
AM WIPO IPAS JAVA; Enhanced Features and Capabilities for IP Office Automation, including Processing of Madrid Trademark Notifications
PM Recent Developments on Regional and International Cooperation to Share IP Information to Enhance IPO Business Services and Progress on ASEAN Work Sharing
Nov.3 (Mon) National Holiday
10:00-11:30 JPO IT System
11:30-13:00 A role of Program Management Office (PMO) in the JPO
14:00-14:45 Digitization of IP Information for Efficient Work
15:00-17:00 Visit to the JPO (IT related offices)
10:00-11:15 Overview of Internet Filing
11:30-12:30 Security for Internet Filing
14:00-15:15 Provision of IP Information
15:30-17:00 Data entry
10:00-11:30 International IP information-sharing for work-sharing
13:00-17:00 Visit to Patent Information Fair & Conference
AM Explanation and Discussion on the Topic of the Participants' interest
PM Evaluation Meeting
Closing Ceremony


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