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Report on the “JPO/IPR Training Course on Trademark for Myanmar”

The JPO/IPR Training Course on Trademarks for Myanmar was conducted at the Asia-Pacific Industrial Property Center (APIC) in Tokyo from November 25 to December 5, 2014.

This course, which was conducted this year for the first time, provided training in Burmese to four persons who are engaged in trademark work in IP Section at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Myanmar.

Outline of the training course

In the "Current Conditions and Future Direction of Industrial Property Rights Administration" session, the participants received an explanation of the organization, the number of examiners, and efforts of the Japan Patent Office to obtain an overview of industrial property rights administration in Japan.

In the "Country Report Presentation," each participant presented a report on the current situation of trademarks in Myanmar, the content of their work, strategic issues, and expectations for the training. In the session "Intellectual Property System for Social Development: The Role in Society of Trademarks and Trademark Law," the participants learned about the role of the intellectual property system in society and the purpose of the trademark law, the functions and definition of trademarks, countermeasures against counterfeit goods, the unfair competition prevention law, and the issue of genericized trademarks. In the "Trademarks in action" session, the participants visited a nearby large-scale retail store and convenience store and picked up actual products to check their trademarks and trade descriptions. Through this exercise, they understood the relationship between trademarks and the point of product selection.

In the "Company Visit," the participants visited Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd. and listened an explanation of the current status of the company's trademark management. In the afternoon, they visited the Cup noodles Museum and watched an exhibit related to the invention of instant ramen. The participants were moved by the museum’s in-depth explanations.

In the three days of lectures on "Introduction of Trademark Examination Practices," the participants learned "Trademark Formality Examination," "Search Practice of Trademark Information," and "Trademark Examination Standards (Case Study)" using interactive methods. They were satisfied with the opportunity to ask the lecturers many questions and obtain sufficient answers.

In the "Trademark Practice in action" session, the participants visited TMI Associates and learned about the procedures for submitting an application to the Japan Patent Office from the perspective of an agent who is a user of the trademark system, case examples for judging the similarity and dissimilarity of trademarks, and how to respond to trademark infringements. Then, they took a tour of the relevant department at the law firm.

In the "Trademark Examination (OJT)" session, the participants received an explanation of the outline of the trademark search system and practiced trademark examination at the Trademark division. The participants wanted to learn much more.

In the "Overall Discussion" on the last day, the participants looked back on what they learned in this training course, discussed any points that were still unclear with the lecturer, and conducted a case study on the similarity and dissimilarity of trademarks.

Before returning to Myanmar, the participants promised to apply all the knowledge they had learned in this training to their country’s trademark system, proceed with trademark examination, and inform their colleagues of what they had learned in order to increase the number of people acquainted with trademarks.

Country Report Presentation

Country Report Presentation

Country Report Presentation

Country Report Presentation

Lecture on Introduction of Trademark Examination Practices

Lecture on Introduction of Trademark Examination Practices


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