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Report on the “JPO/IPR OJT Course on the Practices for Madrid Protocol Trademark Filing for ASEAN Countries 2”

JPO/IPR training course II on trademark registration for ASEAN countries' membership of the Madrid Protocol was held in Japan on February 12–18, 2015.

The training course was designed to deepen participants' understanding of the Madrid Protocol and help ASEAN members join the protocol in 2015, a goal set under the 2011–2015 ASEAN intellectual property action plan, through lectures and OJT on protocol-related rules and regulations, and method and examination practices.

The course was attended by 12 people from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam where they currently work as trademark examination officers.

On the first day of the course, the trainees visited the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and paid a courtesy call on the chief of the JPO's Trademark and Customer Relations Department.

Courtesy call on the chief of the JPO’s Trademark and Customer Relations Department

Courtesy call on the chief of the JPO’s Trademark and Customer Relations Department

On the second day, a lecture session began at the Asia-Pacific Industrial Property Center (APIC). An OJT course also started at the JPO.

The course kicked off with a briefing to the trainees outlining the Madrid Protocol, followed by each trainee's presentation of their Country Report. In the Country Report presentations, trainees, especially those from non-member nations of the Madrid Protocol, listened intensively to presenters from protocol members, who explained about their countries' trademark systems, apparently seeking to reflect what they learned from the presentations in their countries’ efforts to join the protocol and trademark filing policies after their countries obtain membership.

The JPO's OJT program was conducted in two groups. The program focused on practical training concerning examination work, registration work and overall trademark-related tasks targeting both home countries and designated countries.

On the final day, the trainees discussed issues related to international trademark registration from the viewpoints of Madrid Protocol members and non-members.

The trainees appeared very attentive to the lectures offered in the course, and asked practical questions to the lecturers to obtain knowledge on trademark issues, reflecting their positions as trademark examination officers or trademark registration officers back in their home countries.

Some trainees, especially from nonmembers of the Madrid Protocol, gave questions to the lecturers even during breaks, mirroring their enthusiasm to absorb new knowledge to help realize membership for their country.

Presentation of Country Reports

Presentation of Country Reports

Lecture session

Lecture session

The trainees responded favorably to the training course, giving high marks to being able to achieve their initial goals through their attendance. Many participants said in the evaluation meeting that they would share the knowledge they had learned through the course with their fellow colleagues when they returned home. The course is believed to have supported efforts by nonmembers of the Madrid Protocol to join and is likely to help them after they gain membership.

It is hoped that the participants will play an important role in formulating their countries' trademark policies in the future.

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony


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