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Report on the “JPO/IPR Training Course for IP Practitioners”

This fiscal year's 1st JPO/IPR Training Course for IP Practitioners was held for two weeks from June 16 - 26.

The curriculum of this course was designed for less-experienced IP practitioners with three or fewer years of experience in IP-related services. The objective of this training course was to provide a general understanding of mainly patents and trademarks, together with design, copyright and other intellectual property in general, as well as enhance knowledge regarding the practical aspects of patents and trademarks.

A total of 30 people including patent attorneys, employees of law firms, IP Department staffers at private enterprises, government IP officers, etc. participated in the training course from the following 20 countries: Algeria, Brunei, Cambodia, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Viet Nam and Zimbabwe. A marked difference in the profile of the participants compared to past courses was that half of all participants came from African countries.

Group photo

Group photo

The course curriculum was constructed around practice in the areas of both patents and trademarks, whereby classroom lectures and exercises were given on the topics of design practice management, copyright practice, and licensing in the context of management and utilization of intellectual property. In addition, a computer-based search exercise that included the use of J-PlatPat was carried out in the context of utilizing IP information.

The trainees participated eagerly in all lectures, which led to lively Q&A sessions and animated discussions. Lecturers remarked that they were impressed with the trainees’ enthusiasm to learn.

scenery at the training scenery at the training
scenery at the training scenery at the training

On June 24, a company visit was paid to Surpass Industry Co., Ltd. The company has served hosted visits from trainees under this training course since FY2013, and a visit to the company is always highly appreciated by visiting trainees—this year being no exception.

During the visit, a lecture was given on the topic of the company's intellectual property management, as well as its strategy and policy for management and utilization of intellectual property. This was followed by a factory tour, where explanations focused upon the production line. After the tour, the trainees adjourned to the company’s head office for a corporate tour and explanation of the R&D department's activities.

Some trainees remarked that the company visit provided a valuable opportunity to learn on the spot about the reality of corporate IP management, as well as the implications of patents for products that serve as specific examples in their efforts to promulgate corporate understanding regarding the importance of intellectual property.

On the final day, country-based presentations were delivered under the framework of a general discussion on the following topics: (i) differences between the patent and trademark systems in the participants' respective countries, and those in Japan; (ii) systems or schemes in Japan that the participants found to be particularly interesting; and (iii) proposed measures to enhance the IP systems in the participants' respective countries. Each trainee gave their opinion based on knowledge pertaining to the Japanese IP system obtained during the training course, which was followed by much animated discussion.

At the evaluation meeting, the participants remarked positively that they found the content of the course curriculum to be largely useful and informative in terms of achieving their goals for the training course. They also said that the diverse backgrounds of the participants’ national origins offered a broad perspective and new insights through the exchange of views amongst one another.

We look forward to the trainees’ every success in their endeavors following their return home based on the knowledge gained in this training course.

Group photo

Group photo


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