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FY2015 JPO/IPR Training Course on Substantive Examination of Design (Basic Program)

Date Time Subject
July 23
10:00-10:10 Welcome Addresses
10:30-11:50 Visit to the JPO
Courtesy Call on Executive Official of the JPO
Visit to Appeal Court, JPO
Visit to the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT)
Time A group Time B group
12:00-13:00 APIC Orientation 12:00-12:40 Visit to the Japan Patent Office
Design Examination Office
14:00-16:00 Design Act and Related Acts
16:20-17:00 Visit to the Japan Patent Office
Design Examination Office
16:10-17:00 APIC Orientation
July 24
All day Country Report Presentation
July 27
AM Outline of Design Act (Including the Hague Agreement)
PM Industrial Development and Role of Design
July 28
AM Examination Standards for Design
PM Product Development and Design Management
July 29
AM Design Examination Practices(1) Novelty
PM Design Examination Practices(2) Novelty
(Practice Exercises)
July 30
AM Design Examination Practices(3)Creative Difficulty
PM Design Examination Practices(4)Creative Difficulty
(Practice Exercises)
July 31
AM Design Examination Practices(5)Amendment/Division
PM Design Examination Practices(6)Amendment/Division
(Practice Exercises)
August 3
All day Corporate Intellectual Property Management
(Study Visit)
August 4
AM Design Infringement Suits (Case Study)
PM Visit to Patent Office (Opinion Exchange with Attorneys)
August 5
AM Overall Discussion
14:00–16:00 Evaluation Meeting
16:20–17:00 Closing Ceremony


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