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Report on the “JPO/IPR Training Course on Promoting Public Awareness of IP”

The JPO/IPR Training Course on Promoting Public Awareness of IP was held for one week from July 27 to 31, the seventh course held this fiscal year.

This course was introduced for the first time this fiscal year, mainly for those involved in implementing JPO/IPR training courses and follow-up seminars at IP offices in their countries, as well as for the graduates of our training courses who are engaged in alumni association activities and holding follow-up seminars. The course was held for the purpose of providing knowledge on the latest IP trends, as well as promoting public awareness. Another purpose was to facilitate information-sharing among countries and effective public awareness activities in the trainees’ countries in the future. The course was attended by 14 participants from seven countries (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam), including officials from IP offices, patent attorneys, lawyers, and executive managers of enterprises.

Group photo

Group photo

In the course, classes were held to explain JPO's support measures for SMEs and the present status of IP system reforms in ASEAN countries to encourage overseas direct investment. Each participant also made a presentation on the present status, requirements and ongoing initiatives related to IP public awareness in their countries, which was followed by a discussion. The participants were additionally given the opportunity to exchange opinions with the International Cooperation Division of JPO, which is in charge of related projects including JPO/IPR training courses, as well as to make requests and discuss requirements concerning training and follow-up seminars.

As an example of IP public awareness, the participants visited the TEPIA Advanced Technology Gallery to see exhibits of advanced technologies, and also visited TODAI TLO (Technology Licensing Organization of the University of Tokyo), where they listened to various cases of commercializing patented technologies.

The participants enthusiastically attended lectures and joined in the Q&A sessions and discussions. Instructors commented that they were impressed by the positive attitude of the participants, and that the trainees listened to their counterparts from other countries, indicating their eagerness to learn more.

scenery at the training scenery at the training
scenery at the training scenery at the training

In particular, the participants actively exchanged questions and opinions concerning initiatives and cases in other countries during the individual country presentations, which provided useful ideas for future activities and solving problems in their own countries. In particular, the participants from other countries were interested in the report by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia on effective ways to use the media.

In the wrap-up discussion on the final day, the participants discussed topics related to the entire IP system, including 1) how to increase patent applications within the country, 2) how to promote technology transfer, 3) how to reduce the backlog of patent applications, and 4) how to develop IP human resources, with the last two topics attracting particular attention.

In the evaluation meeting, the participants highly evaluated the course in general as being useful for attaining its goals. Some participants wanted to learn more through lectures on the latest IP trends and technology transfer. There was also a comment that the frequent discussions were beneficial, enabling them to share information about the situation and requirements in their respective countries. The participants are expected to play a more active roles back in their countries by leveraging the new knowledge that they acquired in this course.

Group photo

Group photo


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