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Report on the “JPO/IPR Training Course for Practitioners Specializing in Patents”

The FY2015 JPO/IPR Training Course for Practitioners Specializing in Patents was held from late August to early September for the purpose of developing general knowledge on intellectual property. The training course, which featured a particular focus on patents, also aimed to improve understanding and strengthen expertise through lectures and discussions on various topics. The course provided an overview of the patent system, as well as information regarding the following tasks: drafting patent descriptions and drawings, responding to official action, amending patent documents, determining patentability, considering advanced technology and patents, and utilizing patent information.

The training course was provided for people engaged in intellectual property practice at companies, patent and law firms, as well as organizations promoting public awareness. This year, the course was attended by total of 27 participants from 10 countries (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).

After attending lectures at HIDA for two days, the participants moved on to the training at APIC, visiting the Japan Patent Office and paying a courtesy call to the Deputy Commissioner on the first day.

The lecture program began at APIC on the following day. The subjects covered in the lectures were patent examination standards, industry-government-academia collaboration, patent mapping, licensing, and patent infringement suits. The trainees enthusiastically asked the lecturers questions, and also seemed to become comfortable with each other—actively exchanging views even outside of the lectures.

Group Work(1)

Group Work(1)

Group Work(2)

Group Work(2)

On September 4, the trainees visited the Yorii Automobile Plant, which is Honda Motor Co., Ltd.'s factory in Saitama Prefecture. The Yorii Automobile Plant began operation in 2013 and is Honda's newest factory. It forms a comprehensive cycle of production lines in Saitama, together with the nearby Sayama Automobile Plant and Ogawa Plant. The trainees observed robot welders and assembly lines, and then went back to the seminar room for a lecture regarding the measures that Honda has taken against counterfeit products. Next, they engaged in a lively Q&A session regarding the Yorii Automobile Plant and how the company was coping with counterfeit products.

At the evaluation meeting held on the last day, the trainees expressed many opinions and suggestions. They requested that the time for exercises and case studies be increased due to their usefulness, and also stated that they wanted to learn more about specific areas including biotechnology and software.

The trainees deepened exchange with each other during the three-week training period, visiting various places in Japan after lectures and on the weekends despite the typhoon season. It is hoped that they will have a successful future and continue to expand their network.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony


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