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Report on the “(WIPO) Training Course on the Industrial Property Examination - Basic Program (Patent & Trademark) under the Japan Funds-in-Trust”

The WIPO/JF Training (Elementary Examiner Course) was held for two weeks from January 18 to 29, 2016. In this course, participants were divided into two groups, "Patents" and "Trademarks," and respectively deepened their basic knowledge of the overview of Japan's Patent/Trademark Acts, the framework of examination standards and practices, etc., and attended lectures that provided advanced knowledge on countermeasures against infringement. The course was held for the purpose of helping patent/trademark examiners from various countries enhance their knowledge concerning examination practices.

This year, the course was designed for officials from IP offices in Asian and African countries who are working as patent/trademark examiners, regardless of their years of examination experience. Twenty-four participants attended the course from 17 countries (Afghanistan, Cambodia, Chile, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, Zimbabwe (ARIPO), Saudi Arabia (GCC), and Cameroon (OAPI)).

Group photo

Group photo

The course curriculum was divided into "Patents" and "Trademarks" on almost all days. The course was structured so as to enable each participant to learn step by step, starting with an overview of basic laws, and proceeding to examination standards, practices, and then exercises. The latter half of the course included advanced elements such as a study of infringement cases, intellectual property management at business enterprises, and a tour to observe practices at a real patent firm.

Participants in both groups asked relevant questions during classes. The questions and answers exchanged between instructors and participants also helped other participants deepen their understanding.

scenery at the training scenery at the training

scenery at the training

On Friday of the first week, all participants visited the Chiba Brewery of Sapporo Breweries Ltd., took a tour around the brewery, and listened to a lecture about IP management of the entire Sapporo Group, presented by a person in charge at Sapporo Holdings Ltd. The participants were impressed by Sapporo's sincere and proactive attitude toward protecting IP rights, and by the organization’s operating know-how in managing extensive IP strategies.

Group photo

Group photo

On the morning of the final day, the Patents group visited the office of Nakamura & Partners, while the Trademark group visited the office of Ohno & Partners, where they respectively listened to a lecture on the operations at and roles of a patent firm, and then took a tour around the office. Both offices are located in one of the high-rise office buildings in the metropolitan area, and the wonderful view from the office impressed both group's participants. During the lecture and tour, participants eagerly absorbed firsthand accounts from patent attorneys concerning actual operations.

On the afternoon of the last day, an evaluation meeting for the course was held, which resulted in the complete course being highly evaluated. In particular, participants commented that the interactive style of the classes was extremely helpful. Some participants also remarked that they had acquired substantial knowledge that they could utilize after returning to their countries. Requests for further enhancement were also received, including adding lectures on response notification to applicants, specific technologies, detailed parts of legal systems, etc., as well as classes with simulated examinations in which the instructor presents a case followed by discussion among participants and then the correct answer and examination are given by the instructor, rather than being there only to provide knowledge about examinations.

The evaluation meeting was followed by a completion ceremony, where certificates of completion were presented to all participants.

Group photo

Group photo

As described above, participants attending this course came from as many as 17 countries in Asia, Africa and other regions. They actively exchanged with one another, together went to various spots after class to familiarize themselves with Japanese culture, and talked about culture and life in their respective countries, thereby fostering friendships. We expect that exchanges among the participants will continue after their return home.


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