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Schedule of PCT fees in JPO

(Amounts on 1 March 2017, unless otherwise indicated)

This article is only for applicants who filed international applications under the PCT, with a receiving Office other than the JPO (RO/JP) .

Additional fee (ISA/JP)
for an application in English
JPY 126,000
Preliminary examination fee
(IPEA/JP) for an application in English
JPY 58,000
Handling fee JPY 22,800(1)
Additional fee (IPEA/JP)
for an application in English
JPY 34,000

The additional fee, preliminary examination fee and handling fee shall be paid directly to the JPO as an ISA or IPEA. Please refer to the following websites for the detailed information on the procedures when you choose the JPO as an ISA or IPEA,

Information on the latest PCT fees which shall be paid to the JPO is available on the WIPO website. Please refer to the “PCT Applicant’s Guide( External link ) ” (See the section on JP).

(1) The amount of the handling fee payable shall be the amount applicable on the date of payment. (PCT Rule 57.3(d))

[Last updated 1 March 2017]


Office for International Applications under the PCT

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