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The Japan Patent Office (JPO) provides professional English translations of trial/appeal decisions, decisions on oppositions, and Hantei (advisory opinions on the scope of industrial property rights) categorized by type, field, or other attributes of a case that help in the understanding of the law and its operation, for the purpose of improving and enhancing the international reach and quality of information provided on industrial property rights applicable in Japan.

Last updated documents (December 2017)

Decisions added at this time are colored with yellow in the Excel file.

1. Patents and Utility Models


  • (A) Novelty
  • (B) Inventive Step
  • (C) Secret Prior Art
  • (D) Requirements for Description (Enablement etc.)
  • (E) Requirements for Claims (Support, Clarity etc.)
  • (F) Amendment before Grant
  • (G) Correction after Grant

(1) Appeals against the examiner's decision of refusal

JPO Docket Numbers Decisions Topics
(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G)
Appeal 2012-009689 Japanese English            
Appeal 2013-006730
(1st decision)
Japanese English            
Appeal 2015-015661 Japanese English            

(2) Trials for invalidation

JPO Docket Numbers Decisions Topics
(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G)
Invalidation 2011-800009
(1st decision)
Japanese English          
Invalidation 2011-800222 Japanese English            
Invalidation 2012-800126 Japanese English            
Invalidation 2012-800143
(1st decision)
Japanese English            
Invalidation 2014-800045
(1st decision)
Japanese English          
Invalidation 2014-800045
(2nd decision)
Japanese English          

2. Designs

JPO Docket Numbers Decisions
Invalidation 2014-880015 Japanese English

3. Trademarks

JPO Docket Numbers Decisions Topics
Distinctiveness Unregistrable
Appeal 2012-017723 Japanese English  
Appeal 2015-012355 Japanese English  

[Last updated 18 December 2017]


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