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PPH between the JPO and the UK-IPO

The JPO and the UK-IPO have implemented the PPH pilot program since July 1, 2007 in line with the Joint Statement of Intent signed at the Heads Meeting between the JPO and the UK-IPO held on March 26, 2007.

Both Offices agreed that this PPH program would be made permanent as of March 10, 2010.

Requirements for participation in the PPH program remain unchanged.

Mr. Marchant and Mr. Nakajima
(At the meeting in March 2007:Mr. Marchant, former Chief Executive of the UK-IPO, and Mr. Nakajima, former Commissioner of the JPO)

How to make a request

Guidelines (Requirements and procedure in detail) and Request form

Press Release of the UK-IPO

In the UK-IPO’s press release at the start of the PPH pilot program, Ian Fletcher, chief executive of the UK-IPO said:"The Patent Prosecution Highway is a valuable additional resource for those seeking to protect their intellectual property in both the UK and Japan. I am especially pleased that the improved efficiency and quality expected to arise from the PPH is a direct result of the strong relations that exist between the UK Intellectual Property Office and the Japan Patent Office. "
"The PPH will help the offices in their goal of stimulating and rewarding invention and innovation and is an important step towards a global patent prosecution highway network."

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