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Inaugural Address - HAMANO Koichi, JPO Commissioner

As of July 1, 2022, I have been appointed as Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office (JPO).

Looking ahead toward new societies beyond the COVID-19 crisis, innovation is becoming increasingly crucial for resolving social issues. Along with this recognition, the JPO is committed to helping create innovation through appropriate protection of intellectual property (IP), which is the driving force behind innovation, and promotion of its utilization.

First, the functions of the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT) will be strengthened in order to enhance support for small and medium-sized enterprises, business start-ups, and universities, which are all important drivers for creating innovation.

With the rapid development of digitalization, more and more cross-industry licensing negotiations are taking place involving standard essential patents. In light of this situation, we have recently revised and published the second version of the “Guide to Licensing Negotiations Involving Standard Essential Patents”, which was first published in 2018. This review was made based upon our studies of recent court cases and trends in different countries, while also taking into account public comments from both home and abroad. We hope that the guide will provide useful information for achieving smooth licensing negotiations, as well as an early dispute resolution.

Furthermore, as part of our effort to promote innovation that contributes to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are actively supporting the initiatives of WIPO GREEN, a platform for promoting the utilization of patents related to green technology. In order to precisely and objectively understand the trends in patent applications that involve Green Transformation Technology (GX), we have developed and released the Green Transformation Technologies Inventory (GXTI). This illustrates how GX technologies can be categorized, and also shows patent search formulae for each category of technology. While wishing the GXTI to be utilized internationally, the JPO is also planning to conduct a survey and to disseminate information on areas of GX technology in which Japan has shown particular strength. Moreover, to communicate the role of the IP system in solving social challenges, we are promoting the I-OPEN PROJECT toward the upcoming Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

At the same time, in order to contribute toward the establishment of an international environment for the appropriate protection and utilization of IP, we will vigorously promote cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and overseas IP Offices, while also supporting IP Offices in emerging and developing countries.

Along with these efforts to create innovation, the JPO will continuously maintain the world’s fastest examinations. While providing these high-quality services, we also launched a new division in April of this year titled the “Business Process Re-engineering Office”, in order to be adaptable to new tasks amidst systemic changes and new policies. We will strongly promote operational reform within the JPO by selecting works, concentrating resources, and implementing digital transformation.

In addition, we will work closely with the relevant ministries and agencies to introduce Non-disclosure of selected patent applications based on the Economic Security Promotion Act, while paying attention to balancing our country's economic activities and innovation promotion with our national security.

I greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this regard, and I sincerely wish you all good health and happiness.

HAMANO Koichi,
JPO Commissioner

[Last updated 4 August 2022]