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JPO Conducted JPO/IPR Operational Patent Examination Training Program

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) conducted the “JPO/IPR Operational Patent Examination Training Program” for the purpose of improving examination capabilities of patent examiners, from September 18 to November 8, 2019. A total of 14 trainees from 7 countries were invited to this Training Program intended for patent examiners specializing in the machinery field or the electrical and electronic engineering field.

In the Training Program, lectures and drills on patent examination practice such as the method of reading descriptions, conducting searches on prior art, and determining patentability were conducted in the order of patent examination procedures. In addition, the trainees deepened their understanding on the practice of creating international search reports (ISRs).

(photo-1) Visit to the JPO
Visit to the JPO

(photo-2) Trainees in class
Trainees in class

[Last updated 29 November 2019]


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