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JPO Participated in the WAO Conference

November 25, 2019

Deputy Commissioner SHIMANO and Director of the International Cooperation Division NEMOTO of the Japan Patent Office (JPO) participated in the WIPO/ARIPO(*1)/OAPI(*2) (WAO) Conference which was held as a WIPO Japan Funds-in-Trust Project in Harare, Zimbabwe from November 6 to 8, 2019.

This Conference was participated by Ministers and Director Generals of the IP Offices in the Member States of the ARIPO and the OAPI, staff members and employees of universities/R&D institutions/companies, IP consultants, young innovators, etc. The participants shared their knowledge and exchanged their views on the ways of utilizing universities/research institutes that generate new knowledge and IP assets, promotion of the creation of business communities, and the ways of utilizing innovation and intellectual property that support economic growth, for the purpose of exploring challenges and opportunities for Africa in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

WIPO Director General Gurry gave a video message at the opening ceremony of the Conference.
Mr. SHIMANO noted in his opening remarks that, with the progress of digital revolution and innovation, Africa is the greatest frontier in the 21st century and that innovation and intellectual property are important for the sustainable development of Africa. In his closing remarks, he noted that (i) it is not good to rely on the power of an individual, but collaboration by multiple companies is essential in order to generate innovation, and it is important for outstanding seeds to be matched with diversified and unique needs, (ii) it is required to establish a stable IP system in each African country for that purpose, and (iii) the JPO will further actively provide backing to the sustainable development of African economy from the aspect of intellectual property.

Mr. NEMOTO made a presentation on the overview of the JPO and its various initiatives that support technology and innovation.

Furthermore, the JPO conducted many bilateral meetings with the Ministers and the Director Generals of IP Offices in the participating countries of the Conference and confirmed its commitment to advance cooperation in the IP field.

Going forward, the JPO will continue to develop and improve an environment in which IP rights of Japanese companies are promptly/smoothly secured and appropriately protected in the African Region, by advancing cooperation with the IP Offices in African countries.

  • (*1) ARIPO: African Regional Intellectual Property Organization, a regional IP Office in Africa consisting of 19 Member States that are mainly English-speaking countries.
  • (*2) OAPI: Organisation Africaine de la Propriété Intellectuelle (African Intellectual Property Organization), a regional IP Office in Africa consisting of 17 Member States that are mainly French-speaking countries.

(photo)Group photo
The WAO Conference
(Deputy Commissioner SHIMANO, on the right)

(photo)Deputy Commissioner SHIMANO
Deputy Commissioner SHIMANO giving Opening Remarks

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