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Examination Guidelines for Design

In line with the revision of the Design Act by the “Act of Partial Revision of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, etc.” (Act No. 33 of May 23, 2018), we amended “six months” to “one year” in the Part III “Exception to Lack of Novelty” of the Examination Guidelines for Design

The revised examination guidelines is applied to the designs being published on or after December 9, 2017 and filed on or after June 9, 2018.

Followings are provisional translations. When any ambiguity of interpretation is found in the provisional translations, the Japanese text shall prevail.


Part I Application/Drawings

Part II Requirements for Design Registration

Part III Exception to Lack of Novelty

Part IV Unregistrable Designs (PDF:51KB)

Part V One Application per Design (PDF:21KB)

Part VI Prior Application (PDF:49KB)

Part VII Individual Applications for Design Registration

Part VIII Individual Applications for Design Registration

Part IX Special Application for Design Registration

Part X Procedure for Priority Claim under the Paris Convention, etc. (PDF:88KB)

Part XI International Application for Design Registration (PDF:212KB)

Part XII Procedure of Examination

Part XIII Others


[Last updated 14 June 2018]

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