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Hidetsugu Yagi Yagi Antenna

(Prepared by Pubulic Relations Section Genneral Affairs Division)

The Yagi Antenna is a directional antenna invented by Dr. Hidetsugu Yagi of Tohoku Imperial University and his assistant, Dr. Shintaro Uta. This groundbreaking invention combined a simple structure with high performance. Most ultra short or extremely short wave receiving antennas, such as TV antennas, use this structure.

Dr. Yagi's invention was ahead of its time (patented in 1926) and therefore not understood in Japan. Its value was, however, accepted in Europe and North America, where it entered commercial production. It is said that people in Japan realized the true value of the Yagi Antenna in World War 2 when it was discovered that the invention was used as a radar antenna by the Allies.

Dr. Yagi and his Yagi Antenna

Dr. Yagi and his Yagi Antenna

(Photo: Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Inc. Yagi Antenna Division)

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