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Privacy Policy

1. Basic Concept

In order to perform better services (providing information and receiving comments through the JPO websites (https://www.jpo.go.jp/e/index.html, hereinafter referred to as “website”)), the Japan Patent Office collects personal information of those who access the websites. The JPO deals with the collected personal information appropriately within the scope of the purpose of utilization.

2. Scope of information to be collected

  • (1)We automatically collect and store Internet domain names, IP addresses, web search queries and other information about access to the Site. Use of cookies (information transmitted from the server to the user's browser and stored on the user's computer in order for the server to identify users) is limited to the purpose of improving the usability of the Site. Any personal information is not covered by the cookies.
  • (2)When you sign up for subscription of mail magazine service (currently available only in Japanese) or news service (currently available only in Japanese), you are requested to provide your e-mail address.
  • (3)When collecting public comments, receiving feedbacks through a suggestion box, or asking for comments and opinions for each business, we may request you to provide your name, address and telephone number if necessary. What is more, your e-mail address is displayed so that the receiver can see it.
  • (4)The information collected under 2. (4) is used to perform smooth operation of the PR event, etc. or the sending of application forms to patent attorney examinees.

3. Purposes of uses

  • (1)The information collected under 2. (1) is used as a reference for the JPO to perform better services which are providing through this website.
  • (2)The information collected under 2. (2) is used for distributing mails.
  • (3)The opinions, etc. collected under 2. (3) are used as a reference for future policy makings. We may use your name, address, telephone number, and mail address when we respond to your opinions.
  • (4)We use the information collected in 2. (4) to perform this gazette event, etc. and sending of applications for patent attorney examinations smoothly.

4. Restrictions on Use and Provision of Collected Information

The information collected through this website is used for contacting users, such as distributing information or replying to inquiries, and access analysis for smooth operation and better improvement of this website. In addition, your opinions are utilized for a reference for future policy makings.

The information collected through this website shall not be used for ourselves for purposes other than those described under the article of “3. Purposes of Uses,” or provided for the third party, except for having disclosure claims by law, the consent of a person concerned, illegal accesses, unlawful acts like threats, and other special reasons.

5. Security Measures

The JPO takes necessary measures to prevent leakage, losses or damages of the collected information, and to manage them appropriately.

6. Scope of Application

This privacy policy is applied only to this website.When browsing a page on the website that contains a third-party’s social networking site’s button, the user’s browsing record may be sent to the third-party’s providers. In such cases, please refer to the individual privacy policies of such third-parties for further information.

7. Others

The Japan Patent Office may revise the above-mentioned privacy policy of the JPO website if necessary.

8. Operation Policy of the JPO Twitter

The JPO distributes information through its official twitter account regarding the main updated news, or urgent notifications of special bailout measure caused by disaster, etc. Please be kindly reminded that the JPO will not respond to any comments or questions uploaded on the timeline or directly sent to our account. If you want our reply, please send your question through the opinion box on our website.

Depending on the type of browser that you use, you may have trouble in browsing the website, such as being unable to read linked pages.

This operation policy may be revised without pre-notification.

[Last updated 1 April 2019]