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The 18th of April is Invention Day

What is “Invention Day”?

On April 18, 1885 (year 18 of the Meiji Era), Korekiyo Takahashi, the first Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office, promulgated Patent Monopoly Act (the predecessor of the current Patent Law) and the patent system in Japan started.

Commemorating this, on January 28, 1954 (year 29 of the Showa Era), the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) stipulated April 18 as Invention Day to raise public awareness of industrial property rights system including patent system.

The introduction of patent system stimulated creativity and imagination of many inventors and numerous inventions were created, resulting in our comfortable and convenient lives. Celebrating the occasion of the one hundred years anniversary of the industrial property rights system, on April 18, 1985 (year 60 of the Showa Era), the Japan Patent Office selected ten great inventors in history and introduced their achievements to the public (“Ten Japanese Great Inventors”.)

The Japanese industrial property rights system has developed in line with the changing times. From past to present and into the future, the system must evolve to support industrial development.

Taking the opportunity of Invention Day, how about thinking of industrial property rights system which opens new avenues for the future?

A poster for “Invention Day” in 2021.

(Image)  A poster for “Invention Day” in 2021.

The poster for “Invention Day” of the year 2021 has been released.
It depicts a world enriched by inventions.
This poster was inspired by the Japanese fairy tale Battle of the Monkey and the Crab.
In the story, the crab had no means of getting the persimmons off the tree he grew from a seed, but the monkey sure did.
In this poster, the crab invented a way to pick them, and the monkey is surprised to see it.
We hope that this poster will inspire you to think about the importance of the industrial property rights system.
The poster is available for download.
Please feel free to use it.

[Last updated 13 April 2021]