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Mission, Vision and Values (MVV)

(image) Mission, Vision and Values (MVV)

15 June 2021
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Japan Patent Office

We believe the following:
Innovative ideas for exploring the best possible future start with each person's passion to do something useful and valuable, which will itself lead to a truly prosperous future.

We will do the following:
Closely support innovative ideas;
Combine state-of-the-art technologies with professional knowledge and experiences that we have accumulated and refined through the years; and
Co-create an IP ecosystem, in which ideas exploring the future can be developed to generate new values, with all stakeholders involved in IP.

We are committed to promoting innovation in order to achieve a society in which each individual is encouraged to enhance creativity to deal with various challenges, from improving the quality of life to solving social issues.


< Mission >

  • To achieve a society in which ideas are respected and each individual is encouraged to ignite creativity.

< Vision >

  • To promote innovation* through enhancement of IP rights by co-creating an IP ecosystem* in which ideas exploring the future can be developed to generate new values.

< Values >

  • Conduct business operations with integrity and fairness based on transparency.
  • Act from the users’ standpoint.
  • Continue to improve without being bound by past practices.
  • Act proactively as a professional expert.
  • Think and deal with issues as a united JPO entity.


  • * IP ecosystem refers to the so-called ecology of IP, which also includes the concept of IP cycle, i.e., a positive cycle of development to create, protect, and make strategic use of IP. Specifically, this indicates a system, in which based on IP being created under the IP cycle, people have a positive impact upon each other and upon the society in order to autonomously establish new ideas and values.

  • * The word "innovation" is not limited to technological matters. Rather, it has a broad meaning that includes the development of new business models and social systems.


Mission, Vision and Values (MVV) (PDF:284KB)

[Last updated 18 October 2021]