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Interview video of "Wasted Creation" creator Marina Fujiwara

About interview video of Marina Fujiwara

Wasted Creation is value for the future
(Link to YouTube)

Marina Fujiwara is an up-and-coming creator who publishes content on YouTube and other social media platforms that focuses on "Wasted Creation", which refers to creating unnecessary things that come to her mind.

By introducing Ms. Fujiwara’s unique creations, as well as the thought process that led up to them, the JPO’s aim in creating this video is to convey to young people inside and outside of Japan the fun and potential of creating things, as well as the limitless possibilities of invention.

In this interview, Ms. Fujiwara gives us a glimpse of what is happening inside her creative mind, including the reasons why she started "Wasted Creation", and how she identifies problems and solutions. In addition, she shares tips and messages for the young generation on how to keep creating things. This video also serves as a source of inspiration while providing helpful hints to people who are creating something now, or who aspire to do so in the future.

Surreal scenes of a JPO staff member trying out Ms. Fujiwara's inventions are also included in the video. Watching it will allow you to enjoy her unique worldview, while also feeling the joy of creating things.

[Last updated 18 April 2023]

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