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1st JPO-CNIPA/TRIPO Trademark Experts Meetings Held

April 1, 2019

On March 28 and 29, 2019, the 1st JPO-CNIPA/TRIPO (JPO, CNIPA and KIPO) Trademark Experts Meetings and the 1st TRIPO Trademark User Symposium were held at the CNIPA in Beijing, China. At the Meetings, Mr. Sato, Director of the Trademark Division of the JPO; Ms. Yuan, Deputy Director-General of the International Cooperation Department of the CNIPA; Mr. Pyun, Director of the Convergence Trademark Examination Division of the KIPO; and other members at the JPO, the CNIPA, and the KIPO attended. At the Symposium, about 100 participants attended and users from Japan, China, and Korea made presentations on their branding strategies etc. As a Japanese company, Kikkoman Corporation delivered the presentation.

At the JPO-CNIPA Trademark Experts Meeting, they discussed their initiatives to improve the efficiency of trademark examinations by using image searches and to manage the quality of examinations; and examination practices on non-traditional trademarks.

At the TRIPO Trademark Experts Meeting, they exchanged views on the latest trends in the field of trademarks at each of the Offices and search codes to be used for determining the similarity and dissimilarity of goods and services.

At the Symposium, the Offices and users made presentations on the latest initiatives and experiences in trademark practices, respectively.

Also, the JPO, CNIPA, and KIPO confirmed their intention to continue holding meetings and symposiums, in order to exchange opinions and information in the field of trademarks.

photo:JPO-CNIPA Trademark Experts Meeting
Photo of the JPO-CNIPA Trademark Experts Meeting

photo:Group photo
Group photo with participants at the TRIPO Trademark Experts Meeting

photo:User Symposium
Photo of the User Symposium

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